Surrogate For Wolf Shifter By Brittany White

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Surrogate For Wolf Shifter (Shifters Fated Mates Book 2) By Brittany White


Book/Novel Author: Brittany White

Book/Novel Title: Surrogate For Wolf Shifter



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I made the mistake of falling in love.Bear Shifter SurrogateA chance meeting with a surrogate gave me an idea of how I can help my parents and achieve my life’s goals while helping a wolf shifter’s dream come true. The surrogate agency introduced us, and I discovered that he was everything that I ever dreamed of – The Prince Charming in my personal fairy tale. The connection was immediate. And I fell in love.Unfortunately, he had vowed to never fall in love again and to never marry again. His heart was broken by a woman and he told me how she had shattered his trust in spite of that, we had a connection – I thought. He hadn’t read my profile from the agency and thought I was a wolf shifter like him. So, when we shifted to go for a run he discovered that I was a bear shifter. He told me that his grandfather would never accept our hybrid child as his heir. I was to be left to raise this child alone, without my prince, without my love.Was our child and my love enough to change his mind?Wolf Shifter DonorMy grandfather was dying and his one wish: An heir to carry on the family name. After an ugly divorce, I didn’t want another wife, so, I did the next best thing. I decided to hire a surrogate. I told the agency she had to be a wolf shifter – My grandfather was very traditional and strictly followed the shifter code – heirs must not be hybrids. I was introduced to the shifter who would carry my child, deliver it, and walk away. No strings attached.Except for one problem: I fell in love with her. There was no way that I could ever marry another woman and make my heart vulnerable to betrayal once again. Everything that I did to protect myself only served to hurt the woman whom I loved. Yet she always forgave me and opened her arms to me. Then, I discovered a problem. She was a bear shifter. And I was certain my grandfather would only accept a purebred wolf shifter as his heir.How could I choose between my love for this woman and our baby and making my grandfather’s last wish come true?Note: Adults Only!
I feel like the story was very rushed and the there were strange codes throughout the story for example.. them. Whatever nutrients she did process, the baby used. [SS20] Liam took a picture of the baby’s feet as they pressed against her belly. They were so adorable. All babies are adorable. This is not my baby and I can’t get attached to it. This is Liam’s baby, and he is here to make sure that the baby is fine. The end of the story. The ultrasound almost broke Mia’s heart. The baby was sucking his thumb and seemed to be sound asleep. He wasn’t the soccer playing bruiser that Mia had been experiencing just a little while ago. [SS21] The picture of the baby was lovable,The storyline was good I just wasn’t in love with the book because of how rushed it felt.
I loved the characters! Especially Mia! The only thing I would ask for would be more! Are there any others that follow this book?
This was a book with lots of ups and downs. Even when Liam was an idiot I couldn’t help rooting for him! Mia is a strong intelligent character and lots of fun. Thank goodness Liam’s grandfather was there to set them straight!
Good story … I enjoyed reading it for the most part, just think the strong female characters in this series are way to easily forgiving of the men when they treat them rudely and act like idiots. Other than that … I read it straight through!
This is a good example if the shifter romance type. I do think a formatter should go over it. It was hard to get this review page to come up as the link where you requested a review came up unsupported. Also scattered in the prose were numbers in brackets exemple [SS6] A good formatting should have caught that and it honestly pulled me out of the story several times .
Well she has done it again kept me engaged and on edge I really enjoyed ☺ this book she my favorite writer and I am looking forward to reading more of her work so talented.


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