Sutton’s Surrender By Scarlett Scott

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Sutton’s Surrender (The Sinful Suttons Book 3) By Scarlett Scott


Book/Novel Author: Scarlett Scott

Book/Novel Title: Sutton’s Surrender



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A perfectly proper duke’s heir and a fiercely loyal East End lady clash in this steamy Regency romp from USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott.With his impeccable reputation and undeniable good looks, Garrick Weir, Viscount Lindsey, heir to the Duke of Dryden, has earned his place at the apex of fashionable London society. Every lady on the marriage mart wants him as her prize, and every young fop wants to be him. When his foolish younger brother declares his intention to marry a devious East End fortune hunter, Garrick is appalled. He vows to do everything in his power to stop the mésalliance from occurring.Penelope Sutton has long considered Lord Aidan Weir her unlikely friend. But when he decides he wants to marry her to anger his father and condescending brother, she refuses to take part in his schemes. She would have told the arrogant Lord Lindsey as much had he not attempted to bribe her. And she most definitely would have informed him he should take his blunt back to Mayfair where it, and he, belongs…had he not kissed her.Torn between a confounding attraction to Miss Sutton and the desire to make certain she stays far, far away from his brother, Garrick must prove she is every bit the title-hungry fortune seeker he believes her to be. Pen is equally determined to show the viscount how very wrong he is about her. But when their battle leads to much higher stakes than pride, everything changes for the rigidly proper lord and the rookeries-born lady.Heat level: Scorching hot!Don’t miss The Sinful Suttons1) Sutton’s Spinster2) Sutton’s Sins3) Sutton’s Surrender4) Sutton’s Seduction
Romance, laughter and a bit of suspense into one exciting book!! The Sutton’s are a must read. On to book four
This is Pen and Garrick,s story ,the 3 book in Sinful Suttons. It’s filled with lots of humor that will make you laugh and smile. Pen is a beautiful girl from the east end ,and Garrick Is a Lord, she can’t resist. Lots of passion and steamy moments in this love story. Thank you♥️
Pen was great friends with Aiden Weir, but once she turned down his proposal, he disappeared. His snobbish brother Lord Lordly cane to the sinners club accusing her of being a fortune hunter and was constantly insulting her. She quickly to throw the insults back at him. She turned down his money to break the betrothal to Aiden. She kept to herself that she turned down Aiden’s proposal. Let him think the worst of me, she thought. She owned him nothing. Her worry about Aiden on the other hand made her have a knot in her stomach. He wasn’t answering any of her letters. So she dressed up as a man and went searching all the places her and Aiden would go. She didn’t expect to run into Lord Lordly at every turn. When he was kissing her at least he wasn’t insulting he.
I love the way Scarlett Scott writes. Her development of characters is wonderful and the love scenes are very sensual. Do not miss any of her books! I have loved everyone I have read.
An Absolutely Wonderful Rom Com. An enemies to Lovers Story that grabs you & doesn’t let go until the end. I do enjoy reading Scarlett Scott’s books.
Im loving this series! Pen is smart and sassy, the back and fourth between her and Garrick is so entertaining. The only reason I didn’t gave it 5 stars is because I felt like there was a loss of opportunity there was a lot of talk of her being a singer and it wasn’t even really brought up in the book other than a few passing comments about it I also felt like the end wrapped up a little too fast and she for gave him a little too easy I feel like they could have done a better job to give it a little bit more drama at the end. Still I love the story and went through it super fast because I couldn’t put it down definitely recommend it.


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