Sweet Obsession By Jordan Silver

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Sweet Obsession By Jordan Silver


Book/Novel Author: Jordan Silver

Book/Novel Title: Sweet Obsession



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She’s the daughter of his high school sweetheart, who left her in his care when she died. Years later, he’s set to marry someone else after getting his pseudo daughter settled in at college. Now it was time for him to live his life after putting parts of it on hold to raise the young scared little girl who’d been left on his doorstep. But someone else has other ideas and is just biding her time to capture the man who’s been her sweet obsession ever since she became a woman.
I don’t understand how anyone likes this guy.Little spoilerThe girl he was going to marry was raped by multiple guys at a party, so apparently as much as he “loved” her their relationship had to end because she’s damaged goods. I’m done.
I love the obsession that Garrick has over Madelaine mad she over him. Good story line with ups n downs but Garrick takes care of it all!
Another great read by Jordan silver. Hot sexy with some humor. I wish I could own them all. Thank you.
Always enjoy reading your stories time after time and how you connect them thank you for all the twists and turns can’t wait for the next time
Always a hot and dirty read. Jordan Silver never disappoints. I do love her possessive men. I’ll give her a big kudos.
He was a bit of a jerk and tries to justify it by calling it protectiveness. I’m not buying it. I don’t care how much JS writes that Maddie likes it. Gross. If you skip those parts the book is fun.


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