Sweet Razor Cut By Blake Banner

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Sweet Razor Cut (Harry Bauer Book 11) By Blake Banner


Book/Novel Author: Blake Banner

Book/Novel Title: Sweet Razor Cut



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ONE MORE JOB…USA TODAY & Amazon 2-million copy bestselling author BLAKE BANNER is back with a brand new gripping thriller series!There is a ghost haunting Harry Bauer. He doesn’t know who it is, or what he wants, but he invades Harry’s house with impunity during the small hours of the night, and, while Harry sleeps unawares, he enters his bedroom, closes the windows and the drapes, and observes him.Harry was eight years with the British SAS and is COBRA’S top assassin, but this ghost has skill that even Harry can’t match.To Harry it is like a sign. Maybe it’s time to hang up his Sig Sauer and his Fairbairn and Sykes, leave the war against evil behind him and make space in his life for a woman, a home, a love that might heal the ancient wounds and make him whole again.But he has one more job to do: Marco Benini, a mobster who traffics in women and children, a monster the FBI can’t touch because sometimes the law protects the devil instead of the angels. But as Harry struggles to finish the job, it seems the ghosts from his past might overwhelm him and take him down, with that last, sweet razor cut.
Liked the flow of the story line. None of the useless wording ( we ate the steaks raw, with peanuts from, with flowered rice). I dislike those stories which become a travelog. This stork gets right to the point. Very enjoyable.

What a great book lots of suspense, action and justice. Lots of twists and turns in this book I give it a thumbs up.
It is so gratifying to read a great story from an author whose writing is exceptional. I LOVE Harry. I read the first book and I have been hooked ever since.
Caught up with this plot a little later than before! Great writing and waiting for number 12 soon. Keep writing for all this reading is making me active again after 30 Yeats from retiring.


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