System Escape By Tom Larcombe

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System Escape (Natural Laws Apocalypse Book 4) By Tom Larcombe


Book/Novel Author: Tom Larcombe

Book/Novel Title: System Escape



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Marc and his party have finished their zeppelin and taken it out to try to discover other Safe Zones. Their intent is to set up trade routes between all the different Safe Zones in order to give them a better chance to survive.The second Safe Zone they discover with the zeppelin is nearly as large as Any Port. It even has its own ring of outlier Safe Zones, or a partial ring at least. It appears that several of the smaller Safe Zones have been taken and converted into dungeons. With the safety of the larger Safe Zone apparently at stake, they bring the zeppelin down to help the larger Safe Zone however they can.On return to Any Port, Marc accelerates his own expansion, his father having finally seen the wisdom of all the additional Safe Zones Marc wants in order to Capture more land.With setting up more of their own outlier Safe Zones, meeting new and interesting creatures, some of whom would like to kill and eat the party, making contact with new Safe Zones, and working with the satellite they recovered, Marc keeps himself busy in the aftermath of the System’s arrival.This story is approximately 155,000 words long and DRM free.
I picked up the 1st book on the Lark and I read all the way through book 4 nonstop didn’t take a break only to sleep and eat
I like this weekend the author had created but this book barely has any true challenges that our protagonist faces
The story is fairly good and at times exciting but to overall its just a good story the ending makes the reading of the next episode interesting!?
I am really enjoying this series even though the character Jeff can be frustrating at times. I look forward to more in the future.
I love this book I like the way I get upgrading but I think they should have done more dungeon crawls
It’s sad that the college age MC is still an emotional midget. I’m ready to see more growth there.Battle scenes at this point should only display the groups improved skills. Still overly punch by punch.Overall though the journey is engaging and the world building fun.


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4.9/5309 ratings