System Return By Tom Larcombe

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System Return (Natural Laws Apocalypse Book 2) By Tom Larcombe


Book/Novel Author: Tom Larcombe

Book/Novel Title: System Return



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After the discovery that the encampment outside of his Safe Zone is full of friendlies, Marc and his group finally have a chance to try to grow stronger again. The addition of an administrator for the Safe Zone as well as someone to coordinate its defenses finally allows Marc to feel like he can go out and do other things.

With the number of survivors they’re finding in the immediate area rapidly dwindling, they choose to go farther afield, working on gaining additional resources for the Safe Zone while searching out any remaining survivors they can find.

His father reported passing other Safe Zones on his way back to town so Marc decides some investigation is in order. What he intends is to salvage the ruins of a destroyed Safe Zone his father spotted and offer trade and cordial relations to the surviving one that’s closer by. What occurs is not what he intended or expected.

With the possibility of a technology upgrade for his Safe Zone, what appears to be a community of some sort of elves a few miles south of the Safe Zone, and the sneaking suspicion that the System itself is merely a tool for someone, or something, else, Marc isn’t quite as free to just do what he wants as he thought he’d be at this point.

This story is approximately 157,000 words long and DRM free.

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I have enjoyed reading both books. I’m hoping to find out what happens in the next book with the elf’s
Its difficult to find a new twist in this genre However, this author found it and succeeded is in creating an interesting and engaging story Well Done looking forward to the sequel
Tom Larcombe is fast becoming one of my favorite authors!I’m anxiously awaiting book 3 of this series, and book 2 of the Amber series.He seems to Get them out fairly quickly, but as another sufferer of a reading addiction, it’s not quite quick enough.This series has everything I look for — likeable, 3-dimensional characters, a plausible (for a litrpg series) plot line and even a link to another series (or 2).
Once again the natural laws apocalypse series continues to astound and impress through its world building mechanics as well as unique approach to manifestation of the system controlling the lit RPG elements. We see the integration of younger candidates, unique classes and builds, as well as a plethora of new mechanics that add depth to the world as well as provide background knowledge for the reader
Excellent book and series so far. Grammar is awesome compared to most other books in this genre. Keep them coming please.
One of my favorite sub-branches of litrpg is the post-apocalyptic books and this series is a pretty good addition to the genre.


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