Tainted Throne By CY Jones

Tainted Throne (Crown of Blood and Frost Book 2) by CY Jones

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Book/Novel Author: CY Jones

Book/Novel Title: Tainted Throne

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I went to Elyeria to find answers and ended up with more questions. It’s too late to turn back now, and all I can do is learn how to play the game and quickly to stay alive. I’m a princess from one of the strongest bloodlines in history. There’s a prophecy about me where I’m supposed to save the world, unite the supernaturals, and become their Empress, while destined to have six mates. One of my mates can’t be trusted. His ex wants me dead. The Queen wants me dead. The Council wants me dead. Why did I come here in the first place? Elyeria was supposed to keep me safe. Turns out, I’m in more danger here than I was before. Who can I trust when everyone’s eyes are trained on a Tainted Throne? My name is Winter DelaCorte. I am the Lost Heir of House Storm

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