Taking Off By Peter Rhodan

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Taking Off (Arturo Sandus Book 6) By Peter Rhodan


Book/Novel Author: Peter Rhodan

Book/Novel Title: Taking Off



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Arturo Sandus, starship Captain and inadvertent time traveler has finally defeated the last remnants of the old Imperial forces and secured the borders of the Empire. He has restored the Roman Republic, admittedly an all-new modern and hopefully longer-lasting Republic, and is looking forward to some time at home with his lovely wife, Morghanna.Flavius Theodosius Iunior, former child Emperor of the Eastern half of the Roman Empire has finally achieved his long-held aim and been assigned to one of the new, huge, armored, and steam-powered battleships of the new Roman Republican navy.Unfortunately for both men, the Huns have other ideas. They mount a successful raid on the Roman provinces on the lower Danuvius and once more Arturo must lead his army to war.Flavius is also sent to war, only not as he expected as he is transferred to a new unit, the Ala Caelum where he will be the navigator in a balloon. Whatever the hell that is. The Huns are the lords of the steppes and have whole armies of subject people at their beck and call… pity they hadn’t caught up with the fact the new Roman Republic reacts aggressively to people attacking the Empire and that the Romans have weapons like nothing the Huns have ever seen before.





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