Tales You Win By Bea Paige

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Tales You Win: An Academy of Stardom spin off (Grim & Beast Duet Book 1) By Bea Paige


Book/Novel Author: Bea Paige

Book/Novel Title: Tales You Win



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Grim…A nickname given to me by my father, the Ruler of Tales, an East End underground fight club.Tales you win. Heads you lose.And the fighters of Tales never lose.The men my father ruled were his faithful soldiers sworn to protect the club, him, me.Until one day, his most loyal soldier, Beast, makes a decision that changes my story forever.But this is no fairy tale and I don’t own a crown.This is real life. Bloody, violent, and filled with alpha men who use their fists to settle every dispute.And if the man who calls me Princess thinks he can break my heart and get away with it, he can think again.This is Grim and Beast’s love story. You may recognise them from Academy of Stardom series.
Absolutely an amazing read , I couldn’t get enough and so excited to read the rest of her books chefs kisses to the author
On one hand I was eager for Beast and Grim to break the rules, but on the other hand I was pissed off about the ending. I felt like we we’re promised as readers something above all the blood but really it felt like a small let down in the end. I hope the 2nd book is better.
Bea Paige just grabs you by the throat and drags you into her stories where you become invested and involved with her captivating characters. Grim and Beast are intense and it is great to finally read their story. This book is jammed packed full of steam and the emotion just explodes from the pages. Cannot wait to see what comes next!
I’m torn. I liked the banter and the push and pull but the ending/cliffhanger left me meh. Everything just went kaboom and I’m not the least bit curious as to the 2nd half. Bummer.
Tales You Win by Bea Paige⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars. /5 chili peppersThis was my first ever Bea Paige book and I’m so glad I found her. Her witting is so good and I really did enjoy this book! Grim (Kate) is a 17 year old, learning her father’s “mobster ways” to take over his empire which includes a fight club. Beast (Rodger) is her body guard with his own dark past who is her father’s second in command and enforcer. He is also the star fighter for the club.This book is FULL of tension. Beast won’t touch Grim while she is under 20, but the two can’t seem to stay apart from each other. I was dying for him to cross that line BUT he holds true to his word. Beast is always Kate’s protector. He wants her to have more for her life but she is determined to take over for her father.The cliffhanger in this book killed me! I’m dying for part 2 which is set to come out end of June/early July!!
I feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for this book. I love their dynamic and now being able to learn the back story is wonderful. This book is great and no real smut. It is a slow burn to what I hope is to come in book 2. I can’t wait to see how Beast wins her over after what happened in this book. July needs to get here soon!


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