Talia’s Bodyguard By Lisa Daniels

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Talia’s Bodyguard (Bodyguards of Samhain Book 1) by Lisa Daniels


Book/Novel Author: Lisa Daniels

Book/Novel Title: Talia’s Bodyguard

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My father’s assigning a bodyguard to me. I wonder how long it’ll take before I get rid of him. True, it’s hard work, being a member of the Grieve family. We’re all necromancers, and the public’s never exactly appreciated the art. My father’s getting into power, and says I need protection. So he summons a big, hulking werewolf bodyguard out of nowhere. The kind that can make even the bravest soul scared. Trouble is… My bodyguard hates me. I see it in his eyes, and his expression. He finds my magic abhorrent. He finds me abhorrent. Either my bodyguard will do his job properly… Or I’ll end up as an ‘accidental’ casualty. Aurhor’s Note: This is a steamy stand alone with an HEA intended for 18+

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