Taming His Rockstar By Samantha Morgan

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Taming His Rockstar: A Standalone Rockstar Romance By Samantha Morgan


Book/Novel Author: Samantha Morgan

Book/Novel Title: Taming His Rockstar

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**It was just supposed to be one night…**
Being KD McNeil, badass rock goddess with it all under control, is a role she’s played for so long that she can’t remember being any other way. But she’s tired of the spotlight, tired of always having to be on top of everything–including the men she dates. She needs a night off from being herself, from always being in control.
Enter sexy bartender Jake who gives her one amazing, freeing night that leads to a sizzling friends-with-benefits affair. But when that becomes something more, the paparazzi turn it into salacious tabloid fodder that threatens their relationship and his job. KD knows how cruel the media can be, and she ends things before they can destroy Jake’s life. But he isn’t so easily deterred, and he’s out to prove to her that he can take the heat as easily as he gives it. **
### Review
Taming His Rockstar is easily the **hottest rockstar romance** I’ve read in 2019! **Utterly addicting** , I love the characters and the way Samantha turned the genre on its head with such **unexpected twists** on this trope. Taming His Rockstar is a standalone, full-length contemporary romance with a happily ever after. Romance fans will love this! *~ New York Times* *Bestselling Author Rebecca Hamilton*
Taming His Rockstar was a **fun, steamy read**. I loved the characters and was rooting for them the whole way. If you love **dominating males, strong female** heroines, and power struggles in bed, I guarantee this book is for you! *~Alyson Hale, Author of Rocked Senseless*
Taming His Rockstar is an **erotic** and **enticing mating dance** between two strong individuals who are irresistibly drawn to each other. *~ Goodreads reviewer*
This is a beautifully written story which is sweet, fun, entertaining, and a steamy read. I was totally captivated throughout this **addictive page turner** , and I highly recommend this for all readers. *~ Goodreads reviewer*
One click this **delightfully HOT,** story with plenty of drama ASAP! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! *~ Goodreads reviewer*

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