Targeted By Stephen Hunter

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Targeted (Bob Lee Swagger Novel Book 12) By Stephen Hunter


Book/Novel Author: Stephen Hunter

Book/Novel Title: Targeted



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Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author Stephen Hunter returns with a taut, white-knuckled thriller featuring master sniper Bob Lee Swagger as he protects a group of political hostages during a perilous standoff and once again proves his title of “true American literary icon” (Mark Greaney, author of Mission Critical).After his successful takedown of a dangerous terrorist, Bob Lee Swagger learns that no good deed goes unpunished. Summoned to court by the United States Congress, Swagger is accused of reckless endangerment by a hardheaded anti-gun congresswoman. But what begins as political posturing soon turns deadly when the auditorium where the committee is being held is attacked. Swagger, the congresswoman, and numerous bystanders and reporters are taken hostage by a group of violent operatives. Soon, the very people who had accused him are depending on him to save their lives. Trapped in the auditorium and still struggling with injuries from his last assignment, Swagger must rely on his instincts, his shooting skills, and the help of a mysterious rogue sniper on the outside in order to ensure that everyone makes it out alive. A heart-pounding and crackling action-packed novel, Targeted proves that Stephen Hunter is “a true master at the pinnacle of his craft. No one does it better” (Jack Carr, Former Navy SEAL Sniper and author of The Terminal List).
I have read every one of Stephen Hunters books and each one is read with eagerness and anticipation. I am the same age as Mr. Hunter and my life experiences or fantasies follow closely many of the experiences of the main character and of his books, Bob Lee Swagger. I am hopeful that Mr Hunter has many more books in the works. I value very highly, each and every book.
I enjoyed this book, but as always, I ran out of words way too soon. Look forward to more Delta and Niner stories.

Have not got around to reading it, to be honest. Hesitating because I really hate hostage dramas. Never saw one that I liked and really hate being locked into a specific area in my reading or reality. More than a little claustrophobic myself.
The title of this review says it all. The story, such as it is, is very readable. But the politics is too in-your-face. I guess it’s a matter of whose ox is getting gored, but I think this would have been a much more enjoyable read if the over the top attacks on progressives were missing. There is much to criticize the left and the right for, but if one is writing a political treatise, it shouldn’t be sold as entertainment. I believe this book cheapens the Swagger brand for no good reason.
Have been on some wonderful rides with Bob Lee Swagger and Stephen Hunter. This wasn’t one of them. Swagger just wasn’t around much and largely inactive when he was. The Pelosi and Schiff personas deserve any scorn thrown their way but that rat hole seemed too loud and out of tune. The revolutionary war “interludes” were as unreadable as they were uninteresting. Even so, I’ll buy the next Stephen Hunter book as soon as it’s published, he is still my guy.


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