Tell Me This Is Forever By J. S. Scott

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Tell Me This Is Forever: The British Billionaires By J. S. Scott


Book/Novel Author: J. S. Scott

Book/Novel Title: Tell Me This Is Forever



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What happens when the guy I’ve hero-worshipped for years on a television screen suddenly shows up in real life?I never expected to meet the legendary Leo Lancaster in the flesh. We don’t exactly mingle in the same circles, even though he’s a wildlife biologist and I’m an exotic animal veterinarian.He’s a British billionaire who is known for going to any lengths out in the field to rescue species from the brink of extinction. I’m an American zoological vet who works in a big cat sanctuary. Ordinarily, our paths never would have crossed, right? Well, they probably wouldn’t have if my best friend wasn’t marrying his older brother and the two of us weren’t in the same wedding party. When the gorgeous, larger than life guy who I’ve idolized from afar suddenly becomes a man I could care about up close and personal, I know I’m in trouble. The chemistry between us is combustible, but I’ve avoided complicated and serious relationships for a very good reason.I’m just not so sure that Leo isn’t the one man who can tempt me to change my mind…
Macy has been living her life trying to out run the last few years. Now that Nicole and Kyie are married to Lancaster brothers the third brother is now available. Macy has admired Leo for many years now that she is meeting him, she wonders if she will have a future with him. Find out if Macy and Leo will get their happily ever after.
Really a great series I hate to see end. Each book had its own twist and I loved every moment of it. Great job author
What a beautiful ending to the series. Macy and Leo were the perfect pairing for one another. Their careers, passion for animals, busy work life, and chemistry made them so seamless. I teared up for Karma but otherwise found this lovely, warm, and sexy. My only complaint, there wasn’t another book in the series.
The story line of the animals and work to save them is what drew my attention. Of course I love a good love story as well. The story was there and I believe the love existed but the sex scenes were crass and trashy. That’s is not steamy sex scenes when you constantly want to f or ask to be f in everyone one of the scenes. Really ? Turn me off if you really love and respect me don’t talk lime that to me. Other than that I liked the book.
I liked it but not as much as the first two books in the series. I found myself drifting a little in the story. Until next time y’all happy reading.
I loved the first book and was very fond of the 2nd. Unfortunately, I read all 3 in 2 days and the 3rd used so many recycled phrases and thoughts that the story seemed too similar to the first 2 books in the series. Granted the rising action and climax were different in this book, but all else was the same.


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