Tell Me What You Want—Or Leave Me By Megan Maxwell

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Tell Me What You Want—Or Leave Me By Megan Maxwell


Book/Novel Author: Megan Maxwell

Book/Novel Title: Tell Me What You Want—Or Leave Me

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**An open, inventively sensual couple, they’ve indulged every desire. But there are still more surprises to come in a heated romance by bestselling author Megan Maxwell.** Jude is waking up to two stunning sights: the hot white sands of the Mexican Caribbean coast and the even hotter Eric Zimmerman. And he’s hers forever. What more can she wish for from a man who’s fulfilled every fantasy? The honeymoon isn’t over yet. Eric has never felt so intimately close to the woman he loves. Heart, body, and soul, they’re made for each other. And with a wife as insatiably kinky as he is, they’re ready and willing to try anything. Can it get any better? It can, in ways Eric could only have dreamed of. But hopes and dreams, especially those of family, can be hard won. Because in their *almost* -perfect, *almost* -anything-goes love story, Jude and Eric must trust in each other and fight for what they want next—and what they want most. It’s a new beginning. Together, against the odds, they are heading for the happy ever after they deserve. **
### About the Author
Megan Maxwell is the prize-winning author of *Now and Forever* and *Tell Me What You Want*. She credits her success to a stubbornness that kept her knocking on editorial doors for years until her first novel was published in 2010 and became the winner of the International Prize for the Romantic Novel in 2011. Since then she has published dozens of novels, including romance, erotica, historical fiction, and time-travel tales, and she has won many more accolades. She is a great dreamer who believes that to dream is to live. Born in Nuremberg, Germany, Megan has lived her life in and around Madrid, Spain. Achy Obejas is the author of *The Tower of the Antilles* , a nominee for a PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction; *Ruins* ; and *Days of Awe*. She has also written for a number of publications, including *Vanity Fair* , the *Washington Post* , the *Advocate* , *Playboy* , and *Ms.* As a translator, Achy has worked with Wendy Guerra, Junot Díaz, Rita Indiana, and many others. In 2014 she was awarded a USA Ford Fellowship for her writing and translation. Born in Havana, she now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more info, visit

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