TEMP By Jessa Kane

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TEMP By Jessa Kane


Book/Novel Author: Jessa Kane

Book/Novel Title: TEMP



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Kaylee Hale never expected to become a spy. Yet here she is, infiltrating the office of her father’s mortal enemy, Matthew Borden, in order to dig up proof of his real estate schemes. Little does Kaylee know…Matthew is well aware of her true identity and he has a plan of his own. Seduce Kaylee and send her back to daddy in tears. One moment with the girl, however, and Matthew’s dark plans are thoroughly derailed. Brought together by fate, they bond in a heartbeat, unable to be apart. Insatiable. Connected on a level they didn’t think possible. Still, Matthew must know if Kaylee’s intentions are pure. Will their love pass the test?
Couldn’t get past the manipulation and co-dependency. I was enjoying the start of the book but it quickly turned gross and icky for me. Saying you’ll unalive yourself over someone leaving you should not be romanticized. It’s abusive. And I guess I found my first ever trigger.
Instalove, instasmut, with an intriguing plot and characters you’re drawn to (will they or won’t they), perfect Jessa Kane! Over the top and thoroughly enjoyable.
I do usually enjoy a JK novella. This one was weirder than her weird ones. I liked some of the story but other parts are kinda dumb. I would have enjoyed it more with less of the subterfuge and more of the romance.
Multiple missing pages, made reading it bit difficult. I usually like her books,, but not a fan of the characters in this one either.
I enjoy the two characters coming together. The love scenes were very steamy. Jessa Kane is a fav go to author for me
This is a great short story of a man out for revenge and a little reversal on him would be good you think. But, the less character doesnt show us his vulnerability right off but I had to say I knew from the moment they mentioned the plot of the story I knew he would be completely undone by Kaylee or “Sarah”. Having said that I really did enjoy the way in which the author layed out the story. I myself like it when a man is on the rougher side, so it enticed me to read on and the author did not disappoint in this area. Very sexy story. I felt like I was there with them apart of the story. It really did elicit some of the same emotions from me the reader while engaged in the story and even made me wish I was Kaylee for a few seconds a couple times in the story. So, I think that this is one of the best stories I have read in a very long time on my kindle, and I will most definately be looking for this author for my next read. Thank you!!


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