Terms and Conditions By Lauren Asher

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Terms and Conditions (Dreamland Billionaires Book 2) By Lauren Asher


Book/Novel Author: Lauren Asher

Book/Novel Title: Terms and Conditions



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DeclanI’m destined to become the next CEO of my family’s media empire.The only problem? My grandfather’s inheritance clause.Fulfilling his dying wish of getting married and having an heir seemed impossible until my assistant volunteers for the job.Our marriage was supposed to be the perfect solution to my biggest problem.But the more we act in love for the public, the more unsure I feel about our contract.Caring about Iris was never part of the deal.Especially not when breaking her heart is inevitable.IrisMy plan to marry Declan was simple in theory.Move in together. Throw a wedding. Have a baby.We set rules to prevent any kind of issues.Ones that were never meant to be broken, no matter how much Declan tempts me.But what happens when our fake relationship bleeds into our real one?Falling in love was never an option.At least not for me.Terms and Conditions is the second book in a series of interconnected standalones following three billionaire brothers.
I’m so sad that this book is done and irritated at myself for going through it so damn fast BUT that just goes to show you how great this book was. Iris and Declan are my favorite! I love their storyline and how they fell madly in love with one another. This book is such a great read and I loved every chapter! Lauren Asher has a way with words because I couldn’t put this down!!!
LOVED THIS!!! So freaking cute I tell ya. Not only am I a black girl, I’m a black girl with a sassy mouth and an absolute love for plants! So relatable and sweet. Loved how Declan matured for her! Will read again ❤
I loved Iris’ character right from the beginning of the book and really loved how her relationship with Declan progressed throughout the book even with some really crazy moments that pop up to knock them back a step. I especially loved how she stood up for herself in the later half of the book and we got to see Declan evolve and really come out of his grumpy shell. This is another one where the banter between the main characters as well as the side characters was just soooo good and had me chuckling as I went along.
I was on a hunt for a book like this for a few weeks now. Every book I’ve read just wasn’t it for me. I would usually end it before the 20% mark but now this one. I love this book. I loved Declan and how he stayed consistent with who he is. He hates everyone except Iris and just seeing his interactions with her and the little things he did made my heart swoon.
Declan, Declan, Declan. What a tough exterior he portrays, but underneath is a guy who just needs Iris. I love when a hero falls first and I love their falling in love over words. Declan may not verbally show his love, but he shows it with actions, whether people know it or not.
Trope: fake relationship, contract marriage, employee/boss, billionaire Slow burn level: 71% Hero runs his family company, is a billionaire, and needs to get married and have a baby to obtain his inheritance. Grumpy boss Heroine is the personal assistant to the hero. She volunteers to marry him after the first person arranged to marry him quit last minute. The buildup felt a little lackluster, there were moments that attempted to build chemistry, but something was missing for me and I’m unsure what. Maybe that the hero’s turn from this is only an arrangement to this is something more was a bit abrupt. HEA (with pregnancy) Trigger warnings: mention of childhood abuse


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