Tethered Apart By Ashley Amy

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Tethered Apart: A Dark, Contemporary, Reverse Harem, Standalone Romance (A Night in Bloom Book 1) by Ashley Amy


Book/Novel Author: Ashley Amy

Book/Novel Title: Tethered Apart

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I am a sex slave. Sold, I lost my name—my identity—three years ago. Where the world once knew me as Maisie Grace Foreman, now I am only Honey. Honey… A name as sweet as nectar, now tarnished into the nothing I am. They stripped me of all my value, broke me into their puppet, and threaten everything I hold dear. Secrets keep me under lock and key. Ones no one could know, but I did. The women in this hell with me wonder why I haven’t escaped. Why I’ve only chanced my freedom very few times. That’s because they don’t know why I willingly walked into this world. They didn’t understand I did it to save the three out of the five most important men to me. The Night brothers… Even worse? When the universe sends my path crashing back into their lives, they don’t understand either. I’m just the girl who left with no goodbye. WARNING: Readers should be 18+ to read. This book is full of triggers for bullying, domestic violence, emotional and sexual abuse, and drugs. Please make sure you understand what a dark romance is before reading. This won’t be a vanilla tale, and neither is the sex. Does contain a MMF scene in chapters 39-40.

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