The Alien’s Sacrifice By Ella Maven

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The Alien’s Sacrifice: A SciFi Alien Romance (Outcasts of Corin Book 1) By Ella Maven


Book/Novel Author: Ella Maven

Book/Novel Title: The Alien’s Sacrifice



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“I don’t deserve her, but I’ll risk everything to save her.”Tasha: We’ve carved out a little life for ourselves on Corin—me and the other human survivors. It’s not perfect, and I miss Earth, but we could never return. Not after what was done to us. Not after what we’ve become. So we keep to ourselves, hiding from anyone and anything that would do us harm, until our peaceful settlement is raided. Suddenly I’m a prisoner, and from the looks of it, I’m also about to be a sacrifice…Lukent: Corin was meant to be a fresh start, but I knew better. I’d always be a scarred outcast from the rest of the Drixonian males, and no way would I ever have a chance to mate with the few human survivors we’ve rescued. Far from the happy villages, I plan to live out the rest of my days securing our borders and protecting the precious families of the fortunate mated Drixonians.Until one day, my patrol leads me off my usual path and I find my entire worldview shift the first moment I lock eyes on the fighting, snarling human female in the grips of a deadly captor. Saving her means disrupting the peace for not only myself, but the rest of the Drixonians. Still, I’ll risk it all to save her… and to convince her she’s my fated mate.
Survival on an unfamiliar world among hostile aliens has not been easy. Will Kent be able to rescue Tasha and keep her safe even though she doesn’t understand what he says? Will Tasha cooperate with him? She has skills and all she wants is to find and rescue her friends? I’m rooting for them. I think you will, too!
I love how well developed the characters are and how well formed the world is. I love bad guys getting their asses kicked and the promise of a happily ever after.
This book held my attention from beginning to end. I’m excited to read the second book. In fact I’m getting ready to start it now. So long until I finish this next book.
I wasn’t sure about this story when I chose it, but I am so glad I did. It has a wonderful pace, a great storyline and lots of action,danger, emotion, hints at backstory and a lush world building and society. There are some errors but it doesn’t take away from the overall story. Really good story and I am looking forward to more in this series. I really liked Lukent’s personality and character traits. Tasha was well written in her role as badass heroine who was a little damaged emotionally. I also liked the concept of the aura. Amazing. Reviewed by Who She Reads.
I have to say I’m really liking this new spin-off from the Drixonian series. Both the H and h are interesting and resilient.
I’ve liked all of Ella Maven’s books, but the Drixonians have a special place in my heart so I was glad to get to read a new book in their series. It features a new cast of characters, some of whom are familiar from past stories. Lots of fun, looking forward to more!


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4.9/5309 ratings