The Alpine Pursuit By Richard Wake

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The Alpine Pursuit (Alex Kovacs thriller series Book 8) By Richard Wake


Book/Novel Author: Richard Wake

Book/Novel Title: The Alpine Pursuit



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The war is over, and Alex Kovacs has returned to his home in Vienna after his years of fighting for the French Resistance. He left Paris to avoid the constant reminders of what he had done for the Resistance, the people he killed, the compromises he made. But in Vienna, he feels anything but home. The city is a wreck, his old life no longer exists, and Alex is adrift until an unexpected employment offer arrives from an old friend. The job is to join up with a new intelligence agency staffed mostly by former German military men and supported by the United States, which needs their contacts in the east. His first task, though, is personal: to find the Gestapo agent who ruined his life in many ways, an unrepentant Nazi attempting to escape to South America through the Alps along the infamous rat line.
An intriguing read. I kept going from 1 to 8, and even could have read more. The series has adventure, history, believable characters, romance. I enjoyed Wake’s writing style.
Great book . Could not put it down. Will there be another one that tells us more about Alex and Rachel? Hope so
I read all eight books and feel like I lived 10 years in just a week! Great plot and character development. The books build on each other and get better and better with each one. It’s worth taking the time to read them all. I am going to miss Alex and Leon!
I’ve read all the Alex Kovacs novels and found them very entertaining. I highly recommend them to readers who love the WW II, Resistance genre. This last book gives a good conclusion to the series. The author avoids the easy, Hallmark, TV movie ending. Not emotionally satisfying for those who like typical happy endings, but more true to life. Five stars!
Not the best in the series but worth the read. Have been following Alex for a long time, glad the war is over.
Alex Kovacs is back in Vienna after the war. There’s rubble and hunger and broken lives. His pal Leon is back too, working as a reporter again.The truth is, Kovacs is bored. He’s got savings that survived the war stashed away in Switzerland, but his family company is gone and with it the salesman’s life he enjoyed before the war, before becoming a spy and then fighting in the Resistance.So when he crosses paths with an acquaintance now working for the Americans, he takes a job investigating the rat lines – the escape routes Nazis use to flee to South America.And they, Kovacs learns, are not the only ones using them. But his interest in one particular fleeing Nazi is why he takes the job. He holds Gestapo officer Werner Vogl responsible for the deaths of his two of his favorite people – his wife Manon, who was carrying their unborn child, and his uncle Otto.Alex goes on the hunt, meeting along the way a haunted Holocaust survivor trying to get to Palestine.It’s unclear whether Wake will take this series further. Kovacs winds up a bit at loose ends, but a lot of the major emotional business in his life is wrapped up.Wake does a great job, as always, both setting the scene – wartorn Austria and then small Alpine villages on either side of the Austro-Italian border – and in both giving us the war’s darkness while leavening that with Kovacs’ wisecracking, sardonic tone.Since Philip Kerr died ending the memorable Bernie Gunther series, Kovacs is the best literary company we can keep in wartime Europe.


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