The Appointment Killer by Remington Kane

The Appointment Killer by Remington Kane

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Erica and Owens return, as they hunt down a serial killer who lets the victims know the date they’re going to die. Someone is killing men who seemingly have no connection to each other, and they’re being told the date of their deaths before they die. The murders are bizarre and the means to accomplish them are diverse. When the killer feels they aren’t getting enough attention, they involve internet personality Ted Marx by revealing to Marx the name of the next victim. Marx is hungry to regain the fame he once enjoyed as a teenage actor in a sitcom, while also profiting from his involvement in the case. In time, Marx becomes a suspect himself, along with three other people. Erica and Owens must traverse the twists and turns of the case to uncover the hidden truth that will reveal the killer. But first, they have to survive, as the investigation turns deadly.

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