The Aquaria Incident By Niall Teasdale

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The Aquaria Incident (Death’s Handmaiden Book 5) By Niall Teasdale


Book/Novel Author: Niall Teasdale

Book/Novel Title: The Aquaria Incident



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Dark secrets are revealed when Nava, Mitsuko, and Melissa take a holiday on the resort planet of Aquaria. Those secrets lead back to Melissa’s home system and a threat to the existence of her clan.
Overall, a decent continuation of the story. Short and simple. If it were food, it would be fast food level.
I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading about Nava’s and her friends adventures. She is a very complete main character, She is smart, strong, resourceful and incredibly powerful. The action sequences we’re amazing as always and Nava’s merciless nature is so cool to watch, she doesn’t give her enemies chances to attack her if someone needs killing she does it and doesn’t lose any sleep because of it. Can’t wait to read the next one when it comes out.
Summer vacation: Nava, Suki & Melissa have been asked to rent a house on a tropical beach resort world to see if there really are bad guys who will be tempted to interrupt their sunbathing. You can guess what happens. A fun, quick read for fans of (the agent formerly known as) Death’s Handmaiden.
Nava remains an amazing person! She has such abilities, and uses them to help people, so opposite to her nature! Her team is smart and fearless, and unstoppable. Makes you wish this wad not fiction! It will be interesting to see what happens next. So fun watching stupid bad guys get killed! I want to see their leaders die next!
Nava is able to blow through all opposition with minimal resistance or even attempt at resistance. Enemy magicians are don’t present any more challenge than none magical enemies. Even when force isn’t the answer, there is a convenient spell that Nava can cast that will solve the problem. This means that all “conflicts” are resolved in a couple of sentences and there is no excitement or danger at all. This book feels like reading an after action report of a SEAL team attacking a mediaeval bandit camp at night while the bandits are asleep and have no lookout with just about as much chance of anything going wrong.
A great addition to the “Death’s Handmaiden” series. Great adventure romance and action. Still room for more books in the series.


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4.9/5309 ratings