The Assignment By Penelope Ward

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The Assignment By Penelope Ward


Book/Novel Author: Penelope Ward

Book/Novel Title: The Assignment



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From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone novel.Reasons why I should not be drawn to Troy Serrano.Number one: He’s obnoxious.Number two: He and I were enemies over a decade ago in high school.Number three: He’s my friend’s ex-boyfriend.I could go on and on, really.When my boss gives me an unwanted assignment and tells me it involves spending time with the grandson of one of our residents—the grandson turns out to be Troy. He’s now as successful as he is undeniably handsome.Lucky me. Four hours a week of having to deal with his insufferable personality and unsolicited advice.The only consolation is getting to stare at his annoyingly gorgeous face in between our many arguments.Eventually, though, we slowly warm to each other and our outings become something I actually look forward to.What’s happening to me?Apparently, I misunderstood the assignment, because it certainly didn’t include thinking about Troy when I close my eyes at night, imagining what it would be like with him—just once. All the while hating myself for fantasizing about a guy who’s all wrong for me. A guy whose car I keyed back in the day. (Long story, but he deserved it.)That’s all this is—a fantasy.Well, until that one night at the bar.The night Troy and I run into each other, and all of our pent-up frustration comes barreling out.Still, I refuse to accept that it means anything.There’s no way the guy I’m supposed to hate is also the one I can’t live without.
I loved this story so much. It felt very unique and special. Troy and Aspen knew each other in high school and were not on good terms. Now they are stuck together for two days a week while they accompany Troy’s grandfather on special outings. In high school Troy dated Aspen’s best friend and cheated on her which lead to the hard feelings. I was hoping for a little bit more angst when it came to this, but this was barely part of the story. I enjoyed how Troy and Aspen went from enemies, to friends, then to thinking they were sleeping together without any feelings involved, to being in love. Also, Troy’s grandfather was a wonderful part of the story, him always escaping from their watch, and his lovely dating advice!
This is the first book by Penelope Ward I didn’t like. This story was very repetitive. Lackluster couple. Such immature conversations. I kept thinking it would get better….. it didn’t!
If you are into heavy angst, bitterness, lots of pain and regret, this is the book for you. There isn’t an opportunity for the reader to revel in the couple finally finding their happiness.
If enemies to lovers is your trope, then this is the book for you. Aspyn hated Troy in high school and carried those feelings with her throughout her adult life, and then one day she runs into him at her job and all those feelings came rushing back. But she couldn’t help but notice how much hotter he was today than when they went to school together… could she hate him but think he was so hot? At what point did her feelings mellow toward him as they spent more time together. Throw in some abandonment issues and a few tears, and you’ve got one helluva story in true Penelope fashion. Enjoy!
I gave this one five stars because I read it all the way through and I enjoyed it. I think some of the more less than stellar reviews are on the money complaining about mediocre characters. The female lead’s dislike for the male lead because of a small indiscretion way back in high school was not believable in the least. It was a fun book though.
A unique and different take on a second chance/enemies to lovers romance, as they were never lovers to begin with. Going back to high school Aspyn and Troy were never. Year of pent up hatred and bad blood between them have them falling back to the way they left things years later. A chance encounter has them picking up where the left off, now as adults not kids. Both characters are carrying around a ton of pain and regret, shaping them to be mistrusting people. As Aspyn is tasked to look after Troy’s grandfather in the nursing home if gives them the perfect opportunity to settle unfinished business, as a new romance blossoms between the two taking them both by surprised. It’s quiet funny when you go into a book thinking that everything is going to be a certain way and its quiet the opposite. The story definitely had that deep emotional pull. I wasn’t expecting to see the softer side and sweet side to Troy. I enjoy when a couple can balance each other out. Even when the romance itself can be messy. They get each other in a way than no one else could. Making them perfectly match. Their chemistry was intense, as was their passion. Even though i found the book a little fast and the epilogue a let down, it didn’t keep me from enjoy it. Penelope always does an amazing job with her books. Check it out.


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