The Avenger By Mark Dawson

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The Avenger By Mark Dawson


Book/Novel Author: Mark Dawson

Book/Novel Title: The Avenger



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She didn’t live in a normal world. She was hunted. The code written in her genetics was worth an incalculable amount of money, and there were men and women who would do anything to lay their hands on her.Living under new identities in rural France, trained killer Isabella Rose and her former handler Michael Pope are trying to lay low. Tired of hiding, all Isabella wants is the chance to live an ordinary life.But Isabella is an extraordinary young woman and the people pursuing her will never, ever, give up. Her unique abilities have attracted the attention of the Academy of Military Science in Beijing. And it’s not only Isabella who needs to stay in the shadows. Ex-head of top-secret Group Fifteen, Pope has his fair share of enemies and a family that he’s desperate to protect.Isabella and Pope can’t stay off the grid forever. Someone isn’t going to let them. From the hills of Montpellier to the cliffs of Malta, they find themselves caught in a violent game of cat and mouse.Is there any way they could escape for good?
Another Mark Dawson special. How does he do it. Continuing to come up with great stories with magnificent detail. Another good read.

Beatrix Rose was one of my favorite characters ever, so naturally I am intrigued by her daughter, Isabella. I have also grown to dearly love Michael Pope. I have been eagerly awaiting this latest book for so long, and now it leaves us on what seems to be quite literally a cliffhanger. I see why we had to wait — Milton had to be in the right place at the right time (loved his and Ziggy’s cameos, by the way!) — but now? Please hurry up with book 6, I am *dying* to know what happens next!
loved the characters,plot,and the suspense. Again Mark Dawson delivers an input down able book. I can’t wait to read Isabella Roses next adventure!
Looking forward to the next one…Mark Dawson is such a gifted storyteller…everything flows seamlessly…Really enjoyed this and can’t wait till the next Milton saga…
One of the things I love about Mark Dawson’s novels is that he focuses on people and skills and not technology. While many other novelists go through all the latest whiz-bang spy tech, Mark, except for using Milton’s hacker friend from time to time, has his heroes rely on their skills and their wits. And they are vulnerable, you become attached to them, invested in them as people.This book did not disappoint. I don’t know if Mark is planning on more Isabella Rose books, but I hope he does, she is so young, and talented and fascinating. And John Milton is in his 60’s now. I hope I can look forward to more Isabella in the future. Bravo, Mark!


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