The Bachelor on the Shelf By Jana Aston

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The Bachelor on the Shelf (Reindeer Falls Book 6) By Jana Aston


Book/Novel Author: Jana Aston

Book/Novel Title: The Bachelor on the Shelf



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My name is Carter Sheppard and I actually like Christmas and my Christmas-themed hometown of Reindeer Falls. In fact, when I learn I have to return home in order to collect an inheritance—my uncle’s dog—it puts life into perspective for me.Sure, playing professional baseball is great. But it won’t last forever and every player needs a long-term game plan.And I just found mine. Wrapped up in the feisty, bespectacled package of the town librarian.Unfortunately, she thinks I’m a player in all aspects of the word, but I’ve got a plan to win her over. Starting with a fake engagement…Warning: Christmas in Reindeer Falls is more naughty than nice. These stories are over-the-top festive with merrily-ever-afters guaranteed. Novella length for quick holiday binge reading. Enjoy!
I can’t tell if Carter was truly after Lexi from the beginning or not. If he was, I love that. If he wasn’t, well…let’s pretend he was.
Christmas magic, Reindeer Falls, snow, books, and love! A fabulous combination with a snarky librarian and a baseball hottie as the stars.
Such a cute book and series. I love how other characters show up in every reindeer falls book. There needs to be a real reindeer falls!
When Aston writes you do two things you laugh and you turn pages quickly! Lexi and Carter were childhood friends and then Carter stopped coming to visit his uncle. Then things changed and the boys were in two for the reading of the will. Boy did they all grow up and boy uncle Joe sure called that play!!
This is the third book in this year’s Reindeer Falls series. This is Carter and Lexi’s story. These stories are so over the top cheesy and I love them. Carter is a baseball player on break to collect his inheritance, a dog. Lexi is the neighbor next door who adores the dog and makes a deal with Carter to keep him. Lexi was the small town librarian who gets roped into a fake fiancé situation with Carter. They are super cute together and their love story unfolds naturally. if you like cute romance this is a great series for you.
Another adorable Reindeer Falls novella. This one is fake dating, one of my favorites. Carter needs to save his imagine to get the endorsement deal. That’s where Lexi comes in, whether she wants to or not. Loved how Rudy played a big roll in this story. Love all the dates. Reindeer Falls is quite the magical place.


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