The Beast’s Bed By Eva Devon

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The Beast’s Bed (The Bluestocking War) By Eva Devon


Book/Novel Author: Eva Devon

Book/Novel Title: The Beast’s Bed



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From USATODAY Bestselling author Eva Devon, writing as Maire Claremont, comes a brand new series that will sweep you away to the drama and angst of Regency England. Glittering ballrooms, wild moors, and brooding lords waiting to be tamed by bluestockings await. . .Miss Margaret MacGregor has a secret. To protect her family she has done the darkest of deeds and now she is determined to find the protection of a good marriage. A marriage that will let her pursue her dreams. Arranged by a powerful friend, she is ready to marry the Earl of Derby. But when she arrives, the earl does nothing as expected. He demands a trial. Drawn to the Earl who seems to carry a shadow in his heart, she agrees. Margaret cannot deny her desire for him but if he learns the truth will he cast her out? When her heart begins to long for him, she is determined to keep him. . . And her secrets.The Earl of Derby needs a governess not a wife. Except no governess has been able to manage his spirited sons! But when Margaret arrives on his doorstep, eyes flashing, and a wild plan in hand, he cannot resist her. To his amazement, her remarkable ways beguile him and his small sons in a way he never thought possible. But there is a wall around his heart that almost matches his highland lass’. Will she ever trust him enough to tell him why she has terrifying nightmares or will they both keep to the fortresses of their hearts. . . Alone without love in a marriage of convenience.
I really liked Adam and Margaret’ s story. It was a bit sad and very happy at the end. The children were endearing and full of mischief. I liked all the characters and the plot. Looking forward to reading the next installment.
I generally loathe phonetic dialogue. This book uses “ye”, “ken”, and “nae” ad nauseum in an effort to affect a Scottish accent.
I enjoyed this book. Adam went through a lost of a wife and Mother and Margaret had a lot of things going against her but love won out.
I absolutely loved Margaret and Adams story. He a widower with 3 boys and she a bastard whose mother died in child birth but raised by a good man The Duke of Clyde. She wanted something for herself so while he adopted papa was away she went to find her future.Adam thought she was here to apply for the governess job and she thought he understood she was here to be his wife. When they find out that a friend played them, because he thought they were perfect for each other. They decided on a 3 week trial period. She has secrets and he is in darkness. But the 2 together can bring the light in. A wonderful story with a beautiful ending.
I loved the story. It makes one see that love can be there no matter what one looks like and how strong it can be if you work at it.
Adam and Margaret met when she showed up at his castle to maybe marry him. A matchmaking Duke suggested she would be good for him, help him heal, in the end they healed each other. The boys took to her when she befriended them, told them she lost her own mother to childbirth. I highly recommend this book! ❤❤❤❤


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