The Best of Us By Karen Traviss

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The Best of Us (Galaxy’s Edge: NOMAD Book 1) by Karen Traviss


Book/Novel Author: Karen Traviss

Book/Novel Title: The Best of Us



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Half the world is a wasteland: the other half is on borrowed time. The West has been devastated by epidemics, bio-terrorism, war, and famine. Asia has shut its borders to keep the threats at bay, and some with power and influence have already abandoned Earth. Now an escape route a century in the making – the Nomad mission – finally offers hope to a small town and a secret research centre hidden in a rural American backwater. Shrouded in lies and concealed even from the research centre’s staff, Nomad is about to fulfil its long-dead founder’s vision of preserving the best of humanity to forge a new future. But who decides who’s worthy? The mission is now in the hands of a unique AI called Solomon, and an encounter with a band of military veterans reshapes his plans for mankind’s future after the arrival of a scientist with a grudge threatens the whole mission. Don’t miss this breathtaking new series from New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss as she explores the dramatic origins of Jason Anspach & Nick Cole’s GALAXY’S EDGE universe.





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