The Big Hit By Jamie Bennett

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The Big Hit By Jamie Bennett


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Bennett

Book/Novel Title: The Big Hit

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That’s the sound from the football field when Knox Lynch takes down the offense. He’s big and strong, the best defensive end in the league. Tough. Scary. Dumb. At least, that’s all that most people seem to see of him. Except…
That’s also the sound Daisy McKenzie’s heart makes when it beats hard against her ribs when she’s anxious and worried. She’s doing great now—she’s moved beyond her past and is focused on her future, taking steps to lead her to independence and happiness, like getting her degree and working as an art conservator. Yes, she’s doing great. Except…
That’s the sound of two lives colliding when Daisy and Knox meet. And the sound of both of their hearts, when they start to beat for each other. **

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