The Blood Debt By Clarissa Wild

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The Blood Debt (A Dark Romance) (Debts & Vengeance Book 2) By Clarissa Wild


Book/Novel Author: Clarissa Wild

Book/Novel Title: The Blood Debt



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She signed a vow in blood,Now he’s come to claim her promise.Jasmine Baas, daughter of a Dutch mafia lord.The girl who locked away her heart.The girl I’d kill for.Until life was almost ripped away from me,And I forgot everything I ever was.But I still remember craving her more than anything.For three whole years I waited.Plotted my revenge on her family.Lured her into my trap.She made a promise to me once.A promise signed in blood.And whether she likes it or not …I’m going to make her keep it.A thrilling dark enemies-to-lovers romance that can be read as a standalone (part of the same universe as The Wedding Debt & The Marriage Debt)WARNING: This book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.
I like this book but is was absolutely too long. Should have been more suspense and action along with the romance!!
You know when you read a book and the excitement builds as you turn the page to read what happens next? Well, The Blood Debt is that book. A slow build that exploded with all the truths Liam said and finally Jasmine understood and believed.
Although you could read this as a stand-alone book, you will not understand what’s really going on if you don’t read the other books first.This last book of the Wedding Debt is very well written. The characters are vivid and the story concept is intriguing. I’m happy with how things worked out for both couples. BUT, the book is too long. Things could have been resolved much more quickly. There were times I just wanted things to speed up. Overall, I enjoyed the books.
3.5 stars! So while I was looking forward to this book, it wasn’t as great as I had hoped. I felt like it was the first book all over, with a few different plot twists and turns, but the premise was the same, with even some of the same verbiage at times.Overall I wasn’t a big fan of Jas’s character; I personally don’t like weak heroines and she was the epitome of that. Like she literally was willing to do “anything” after only a few hours of suffering. I mean you are that weak where you can’t suffer cold and solitude for more than a few hours without being willing to get on your knees? And why was she so unbearably thirsty and hungry in such a short timeframe? Did she not eat or drink anything prior? It was crazy to me that I’m reading all of this “suffrage” and surrender only for them to get ready for bed like wait! Your telling me it hasn’t even been a full day and she is already giving in?I gave this story a little more grace for some scenes, as they had a past history together, but (spoiler warning) forced and/or coerced oral sex is something that always pisses me off lol so the author definitely did her job in eliciting strong feelings in this reader on that front. Overall I was expecting more that a slightly different retelling of the first story. Also the flashbacks of the past were just too much. I feel like there were some inconsistencies as a result, because in this book Luca and his brother were supposedly told about the marriage at the same time by their parents, but in the previous book, Liam told Luca as their parents didn’t luca was ready to find out. There were some other examples that caused me some confusion, but I didn’t feel like going back to read it again to see if it was me or the author who made the mistake.Not a bad read as a stand-alone, but when read right after the first book, it’s too much like deja-vu
Yes.. the stories of Luca and Jill and Jasmine and Liam will keep you on the edge.. there’s a lot of heat in these books and again we see the thin line between love and hate. There are a lot of twists and turns in both books but in the end you’re satisfied that love wins out. Enjoy
Liam and Jasmin story begins when we’re children, each keeping heir vows. Enjoyed from the beginning to the end.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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