The Bluebonnet Battle By Carolyn Brown

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The Bluebonnet Battle By Carolyn Brown


Book/Novel Author: Carolyn Brown

Book/Novel Title: The Bluebonnet Battle



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New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s heartwarming novel about old rivalries, young love, and a lemon meringue pie to die for.In Bonnet, Texas, Liddy Latham, the queen of funeral dinners, keeps a southern comfort-food tradition alive—until fancy-schmancy Matilda Monroe moves back to town. She wants room at the table for her own style of consolation and closure: healthy, modern, and vegan. But this is about more than fried chicken versus tofu turkey. Matilda’s return is also stirring up their volatile, unresolved history. And just when they thought it couldn’t get more personal…Matilda’s son, Nick, and Liddy’s niece, Amelia, have met and the sparks are flying. For Matilda and Liddy, their precious kin’s romance is their worst nightmare. Now, it’s all Nick and Amelia can do to survive a family feud that has the whole town talking.The battle for the funeral dinner crown is on. As two strong-willed women wrestle for control, making peace with the past may be the only way to serve the star-crossed lovers a happy ending.
I usually love Ms. Brown’s books…but I couldn’t get past chapter 2 in this one. Maybe it gets better, but for me the characters were too unlikable & there was so much hate and childish behavior. Just not something I found as enjoyable entertainment.
Loved this book. And thank you, Carolyn Brown for not putting thr.obligatory sex scene in it. Loved the characters and believe that good wins over evil!
This battle was so perfect! Small towns have so much drama and this book shows a perfect example! I just love this sweet romance!!
The story is very good. Happy the couple got married,even without his mother. But hoped the two mothers would have settle things with each other,and grooms mom would have accepted the bride,and been at her son’s wedding.
The book was good up until the ending. It felt like the story was heading in this direction and then BAM it was over. Rushed at the very end. And when I say end, the last chapter. Because the ending was rushed it made it defer like the book dragged a bit. I was disappointed. Carolyn Brown is my favorite author too!
I know everytime I pick up a Carolyn Brown book that I am in for a great story, and Bluebonnet Battle was another winner. In Bonnet, Texas, Liddy Latham and Matilda Monroe have had a feud going for years. Matilda married and moved away, but with her recent divorce, she has returned to Bonnet and the feud has heated it. It takes the form of funeral lunches, church socials and festivals and events, but it is heating up with Liddy worried about what Matilda might pull. Matilda’s son, Nick, has also returned to Bonnet as his uncle is retiring and wants Nick to take over his business. When Liddy’s niece, Amelia and Nick meet each other, sparks fly. For Matilda and Liddy, their precious kin’s romance is their worst nightmare. Amelia and Nick want to come up with a plan to end the feud so they can have their happily ever after.This is definitely a character driven story and these characters were wonderful. As we learned about the past, we find out that the feud started years ago over a piece of land. Although both Liddy and Matilda had issues and carried on the years old feud, Matilda was a B—ch of the first degree. There was not one thing to like about her and it always surprises me when this type of person has a posse agreeing with them. I love the witty banter that is included in this story and with the amount of dialogue, that is necessary. The characters are very southern with their mannerisms and language, which often makes me giggle. There are a lot of times that I laughed out loud, usually with Liddy’s quick mouth and snarky comments. Nick and Amelia both know what is going on and want their families to mend their ways. It is an old feud and they need to move on. They are working on their own plans for a Happily Ever After. The blurb makes is sound like the story is about funeral dinners, and although that is part of the story, it is much more. The story is about revenge, forgiveness, moving on, reconciliation, and of course romance. It was a bit of a tame retelling of Romeo and Juliet without the tragic ending. As usual, this is a clean, wholesome story that I recommend.


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