The Blush Factor By Deborah Bladon

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The Blush Factor (The Hawthornes of New York Book 2) By Deborah Bladon


Book/Novel Author: Deborah Bladon

Book/Novel Title: The Blush Factor



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Dear Diary, I lucked out this morning in a BIG way. Dr. Hawthorne left his apartment just as the elevator was about to leave our floor. Bonus fantasy points for the fact that he was talking on his phone as he sprinted toward me. Technically, he was racing to catch the elevator, but I was standing front and center in it. Whenever I hear him speak it’s like liquid pleasure in the middle of an orgasm drought. The velvety rasp in his voice was the cherry on top of the visual delight I was witness to.Dr. H was on his way out for a run, so it was no shirt, muscles for days, tattoos, and my imagination running circles around his half-naked body. As always, he didn’t even glance in my direction, but a virgin can dream, right? -F.U. That’s just one of the many entries in the diary I found last night.It belongs to the woman who lives across the hall from me.Faith Upton. The pink-haired beauty has no idea that I’ve read every single word she wrote about me in that diary.The right thing to do is to forget what I read, slam the diary shut, and return it.But, there’s no way in hell I’m doing the right thing. Read more
Deborah Bladon never disappoints!Her characters are so real and you become a part of their lives.I’m always anticipating her next book and anxiously awaiting to read more!
I’ve been reading Deborah Blading books for years and love all her books in her world. And I loved this book. As,well as the 1st book of the Hawthorne of New York series.
I just needed a sweet, sexy, feel good story. The characters were genuinely good people. Fun to read, just enough angst.
This was was ADORABLE. I’m so proud Faith got Matthew in the end and the scenes were nice and steamy 🙂 Can’t wait to read more!
It was funny and sweet. It was love at first sight. They make a happy couple. It was heart warming story.
I love Deborah Bladdon but this wasn’t for me. It read amateurish, dragged and it didn’t hold my interest. I kept picking up, putting down. Gave up at 25%


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4.9/5309 ratings