The Broken One By Brittney Sahin

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The Broken One By Brittney Sahin


Book/Novel Author: Brittney Sahin

Book/Novel Title: The Broken One



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Fake marry her brother’s best friend to catch a killer . . . sure, what could go wrong?Growing up on a ranch with four older brothers, Ella Mae Hawkins is no stranger to rugged and tough men. But her heart has always belonged to the one man she can’t have.After a secret romantic weekend three years ago with him leaves her broken-hearted, Ella Mae accepts an opportunity to go to Paris and pursue her fashion dreams. It’s supposed to be her chance to get away and start over. Instead, she’s going there with the same stubborn man who claimed he was too dangerous for her—as his fake wife.Jesse McAdams, a former Army Ranger, has spent half his life away from his small hometown, but one thing has always remained true: one woman owns his heart. The problem? She can never know how he really feels.But after their hot weekend in New York, it’s been harder than ever to resist the sassy, headstrong Ella Mae. Especially when they can’t share a room without arguing, which often leads to desire.Joining the team at Falcon Falls Security was supposed to bring the redemption he needs so he can finally be the man Ella Mae deserves. Instead, the fabric of lies he’s woven over time quickly unravels, exposing his secrets, and places a target on the heads of everyone he cares about.Despite her shock over his past, Ella Mae finds herself falling for her brother’s best friend all over again. But this time, the stakes are higher. This time she’s in danger. And the man who put her there is now her husband.Can Jesse protect her and piece Ella’s heart back together . . . or will he shatter it for good?From Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Brittney Sahin, comes a thrilling new standalone romance military novel with no cliffhanger and a happily-ever-after.
I loved all the characters even though some of them have the same jobs they are react differently about it. This is the first book I have read from Brittney Sahin and I have to read more. Can’t wait for book 3!!!!
So from the moment I started this book I felt like I missed a lot of the story. There are also characters that clearly had their books already. I’m a little OCD about order. Meaning if a character appears in a story but already had their book I want to read it first. Jesse and Ella started in AJ’s story I believe is what the author said at the end of this one. She praises her crossover characters. But it wasn’t mentioned where to start to follow the timeline. So heads up if you don’t want a characters storyline revealed without the book. Having said that. What I did like about this one was that they had a history. They get together for one weekend and then of course split apart to find their way back. The book does focus more on the special ops stuff than the couple. But what she does write of them together is really good. The airplane scene … well anything more would be a spoiler.

This was a long time waited for book! I wanted to hear about Jesse and Ella back when they first appeared in the stealth op series! Brittney is one of my favorite authors!! And this book does not disappoint. The turmoil that Ella had to face when ‘fake’ marrying Jesse was very well written!
Jesse and Ella Mae have known each other most of their lives, Ella has really cared for Jesse almost as long but since her brother is Jesse’s best friend and he doesn’t feel he is good enough for her he has given her the cold shoulder. Ella swears she is done, done, done! However, she still longs for him. Jesse finds out a past job that didn’t go right now has Ella in the cross hairs and he refuses for anything to happen or anyone else to look out for her. The days that follow once they try to solve the problem are action packed and it isn’t clear if anyone will make it out alive including Jesse and Ella Mae!
Once in awhile you stumble upon an author who just gets better with every book she writes. You end one and sigh wondering how she could top the one you just finished. The Broken One was incredible. It was full of suspense and intrigue. The storyline flowed so smoothly and questions about characters were answered. Fantastic writing as always! Definitely five stars. Looking forward to the next adventure!!


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