The Broken Queen By Penelope Barsetti

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The Broken Queen (Forsaken Book 2) By Penelope Barsetti


Book/Novel Author: Penelope Barsetti

Book/Novel Title: The Broken Queen



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Queen Rolfe betrayed me.My own mother.The Teeth have my wife, and I can’t allow myself to think about what they’re doing to her. I need to raise an army to get her back, and if I can’t, I’ll march in there and do it myself.
Non stop action on every page turn . Enjoying the strength of the characters , the what if moments , moments of uncertainty. A solid story line , intrigue , mystery , mayhem .. loving this series . The characters are well fleshed out, good n bad of each given with depth . The scenes within the story are so real , it’s like your there within the pages 🙂 Look forward to book 3
Love it!! Couldn’t stop. The friction between the MC’s and the story is picking up and ITS FABULOUS!!
War is ugly but sometimes necessary. Winning however is not always as pleasant as thought to be. On to the next book.
I was a little confused when I started this book because I expected it to pick back up where the last book ended with Huntley and Ivory. However, it wasn’t. Instead, it started with Ryker, Ivory’s brother, and Effie. Once the timeline merged I was fully vested in seeing how this panned out. Great world-building, characters, and storyline made this an excellent book. I can’t wait to see what happens next because it ended at a pretty pivotal spot.
I powered through book one, the concept was there but the dialogue and character building was not. A few pages into book 2 and I’m out. “She was a hottie” followed by a line about the girl in her trousers. The characters internal monologue and dialogue with each other sounds like it belongs in a cheesy high school romance not a fantasy set in the times of kings where words like breeches are used. It draws you out of the story.
I liked the first novel – held my interest enough to want to read book 2. I DNF at around 30%. The language is so juvenile. Sounds too modern and like teenage boys wrote the dialogue. Disgusting plot points – like how Ryker saved a girl from being raped by one of his soldiers then thinks he is entitled to something for that simple act??? No less than asking her to kiss him. I’m confused how saving someone from assault makes you entitled to their bodies after. He also says his “d*ck gets hard” while watching the attempted assault. And he only intervened because the girl reminded him of his sister. It’s purely disgusting. I don’t know why anyone would read his POV. Relationships move to quickly. Dialogue is short and truncated. I just couldn’t spend anymore time on it. Won’t be reading the next novel. Don’t waste your time on this.


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