The Burning Chase By Cap Daniels

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The Burning Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel (Chase Fulton Novels Book 12) By Cap Daniels


Book/Novel Author: Cap Daniels

Book/Novel Title: The Burning Chase

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With what he believes to be the most personal mission of his career behind him, American covert operative Chase Fulton answers a telephone call that will change his life forever. Bonaventure, the antebellum mansion that had been in his mother’s family for over two hundred years, is on fire. Could a priceless heirloom rescued from the fire become the foundation on which the rest of Chase’s life is built?The arson investigation points the team in a terrifying and heart-wrenching direction when clues discovered in the carnage leave little doubt as to the arsonist’s identity. With trust betrayed and old wounds ripped open, Chase and his team must face impossible odds to wade through the lies and uncover the truth of what really happened at Bonaventure Plantation.As always, things are never as they seem in Chase’s world of deception and duty. While battling not only to recover his home, but also to save his own life, he must find a way to answer a whirlwind of questions following the horrific loss of a powerful and trusted ally.From the weathered Outer Banks of North Carolina, to the unforgiving streets of Buenos Aires, the team expands, old enemies reemerge, and alliances are put to the test in this, the twelfth installment of the Chase Fulton Novels series.

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