The Cancer Industry By Mark Sloan

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The Cancer Industry: Crimes, Conspiracy and the Death of My Mother By Mark Sloan


Book/Novel Author: Mark Sloan

Book/Novel Title: The Cancer Industry

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Where is The Cure for Cancer?

Have you ever wondered why in the past 100 years a cure for cancer has not been found ?  You’re not alone!

We’ve all lost someone we love to cancer and we all want to see it gone.  But after spending $500 Billion dollars of our generous donations on cancer research over the past 50 years, the people who promised us a cure have given us literally nothing for preventing or curing the disease.  Are they incompetent?  Or are cures and effective treatments purposefully being suppressed so the industry can keep raking in money?  It’s time to find out the truth.

The Truth About Cancer

After losing his mother to cancer at age 12, bestselling author Mark Sloan has conducted a historic and monumental investigation into The Cancer Industry to find out why she died such an agonizing death.  I’m here to ask the difficult questions.  Did my mother die of cancer?  Or was she murdered for-profit by an industry that cares more about making money than saving lives? Backed by evidence from over 600 scientific and clinical references, The Cancer Industry will guide you on a journey into cancer treatments – surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – as well as cancer screening tests – Mammography and The PSA Test.  Do they actually work or are they doing us more harm than good? The Cancer Industry also includes an entire chapter on the question of whether or not cures or safe and effective treatments have been hidden from the public.  It’s time to find out the truth. Got a pulse?  Then you need to read this book!

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“This book should be read by every single person. Not just if you or someone you love has cancer, but by everyone. My beautiful wife was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, they removed the lump & lymph nodes, we thought that was the end of it, because that’s what the ‘experts’ told us. Only for her to be called in to the doctors office 2 weeks later, to be told that her cancer has now progressed & she is at stage 3 breast cancer. She was healthy before all of this, now 1 chemo treatment down & she has been the sickest I have ever seen her & in her own words “I felt like I was dying from a drug overdose” Mark has been an invaluable source of info for us in regards to his book & also the red light therapy that we began using straight away, as well as other methods he recommended to us.  I have ordered his 2nd book Cancer: the metabolic disease unraveled & I cannot wait to read that too.”
– CD Goodchild (reader, )

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