The Christmas Fix By Kristen Kelly

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The Christmas Fix: Book 2 The Craving Christmas Series By Kristen Kelly


Book/Novel Author: Kristen Kelly

Book/Novel Title: The Christmas Fix

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One thing I learned in the military was responsibility.
Responsibility for one’s country.
One’s family.
One’s self respect.
Nowhere in that training did I ever learn that happiness was something I deserved.
Or wanted.
I had money.
A great job.
Friends that would do anything for me.
The one thing I didn’t have, I’d not even known I’d wanted.
Craved like an addiction I couldn’t shake
Yearned for with every atom of my being
Lusted for
And I’d take it…
Take her!
Because, God help me, if I didn’t, why the hell was I on God’s green earth in the first place?
Lies, Secrets, and love, simply don’t make a successful relationship.
So what!
Zac was smoking hot!
Rich and attentive to my every desire.
He gave amazing back rubs.
He even make me chocolate!
He was every girl’s fantasy, but definitely not relationship material.
I fell in love with him anyway. Now what?

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