The Christmas Retreat By Grace Meyers

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The Christmas Retreat (Cape May Xmas Book 2) By Grace Meyers


Book/Novel Author: Grace Meyers

Book/Novel Title: The Christmas Retreat



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*** Amazon #1 Best Selling Author ***She was broken in the blink of an eye. But can she discover the true value of family? For 50-year-old workaholic Lena, her career was her life. Now struggling with the sudden death ofher husband and her strained relationship with her daughter, her world spirals into chaos when shediscovers her savings account mysteriously emptied.Forced to move into her aging parents’ quiet beachside Bed & Breakfast while she hunts foranswers, Lena is soon brought face-to-face with her estranged daughter… and she’s forced to realizethe far-reaching impact that her workaholic life has had on her family.As Christmas draws closer and a charming, free-spirited traveler steps into her life, Lena will beswept up into a seaside mystery that will cause her to question everything she thinks about money,work, and the true meaning of success. Can Lena repair the fractured bond with her daughter andcreate a new life for herself in this idyllic beachside town? Or will she be sucked back into hercorporate job and lose her family forever?Perfect for fans of cozy Christmas-themed mysteries with a heartwarming dash of wholesomeromance and a gorgeous beachside setting, the Cape May Xmas Series is a charming tale thattouches on timeless themes of love and the importance of family. Scroll up and grab your copynow.This is Book 2 of 6 in the Cape May Xmas Series.

a book about a woman who is found out they her home is being for closed on and her bank account emptied
Book Two finds Lena in a quandary over how to save her home. She goes home to Cape May to see her estranged daughter, Ariel, and her parents. While at the lodge owned by her parents, a new lodger named Jude, a rockstar, is introduced to her. They both experience attraction to one another. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
I have read both book #1+2 which I received for free for an honest review . I am freely giving an honest review ! Loved both books and recommend this series .
Lena is struggling with her replationship with her daughter and trying to keep her home all while attempting to remain sane. Just when things are starting to look a little brighter an unknown guest appears that she will have to share her bathroom with! Exciting, intriguing, and delightful! I can’t wait for the next installment!!
Lena is dealing with the aftermath of her husbands death. He had kept everything in his name only so she has nothing after all those years of hard work, which had alienated her daughter and parents against her. Now, her daughter wants her to come and stay at the lodge and help her find answers. Mail has been forwarded, house looks like it will be gone soon, and it is all unsettling for Lena. The characters are terrific and so well defined with backstories and intense emotions. The storyline is following each new character as they are added, giving a broader view of the locale and situations. I am sure some of these people, including the new person at the lodge, will be making a major impact on the story at some point. Can not wait to see where this story goes next. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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