The Cleaner By Renee Rose

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The Cleaner: A Dark Bratva Romance (Chicago Bratva Book 7) By Renee Rose


Book/Novel Author: Renee Rose

Book/Novel Title: The Cleaner



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I CAPTURED THE CRIME LORD’S DAUGHTERShe will pay the price for her father’s sin.I’ll use my beautiful prisoner to get him.To make him suffer. Make him believe I’m hurting her the way he harmed my sister.And when I’m done tormenting him, I will offer a trade: her life for his.I owe him a slow, painful death. Revenge is my due.But Kateryna is strong in ways I didn’t expect.Broken before I ever got to her, she’s a willing participant for my torment.She turns the tables on me, seducing me with her laughter.Her wild, crazy appetite for pain and pleasure.Now I must choose: Keep her and forgo my revengeor destroy my enemy and the woman I’ve come to love.
Adrian’s sister, Nadia was kidnapped by sex traders and brought to Chicago. Adrian rescues her and decides to plot his revenge. He decides to kidnap the sex trader’s daughter, Katryna. He follows through with it. Now the fun begins. No spoilers here. You know what happens now. Read the book to see how everything works out.
Renee delivers again. I am glad that Adrian was able to find his secret to a “good and peaceful” life.
I really like this series and while this started a little dark, it was so good. Adrian is perfect as the conflicted hero and Kat is so fun in all of her messiness. She knew what she wanted for herself and that was powerful to me.
Totally in love with this series. Exciting. Gritty mafia drama. Super hot sex. Some well deserved punishments. I can hardly wait for the next book. Kudos!
Soooo… Kat was a bit too immature and reckless for me. Besides her looks, I can’t see why he would be interested in her. Maybe it’s just me. I thought this book was okay. I had to skip around a lot to finish it though. It just didn’t capture my attention very well.
Adrian, the mafia cleaner, is out for revenge for his sister. He kidnaps crime lord Leon Poval’s daughter Kateryna. Adrian was expecting to treat her the same way his sister, but he has a conscience and a heart. She thinks he’s just a guy she picks up at a bar who’s into the same Daddy kink she is, but she soon realizes her mistake. She soon finds out her father has been trafficking women for sex. A good story with great chemistry between the characters, but will they find their HEA after the revenge, will their new love mean anything? I voluntarily read and reviewed this wonderful story.


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