The Dark Bond By Leia Stone

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The Dark Bond (Vampire Hunter Society Book 2) By Leia Stone


Book/Novel Author: Leia Stone

Book/Novel Title: The Dark Bond



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Everything I thought I knew was a lie. The evil vampire spawn I’d hunted my entire life have turned out to be my only allies. Hidden away in Magic City, I’ve promised to help support Luka as he competes to become King.The problem? I’m falling for him and he’s engaged to be married.To get my mind off of my boy problem, Liv and I band together with our allies to dig deeper into the betrayal of every hunter. What I find shocks me to my core.With Luka’s fiancé breathing down my neck, and hidden truths bubbling to the surface daily, it will take every skill I have to stay alive.Read more
Everything you knew, everything you believed, and now you don’t, what a conundrum, action, angst, excitement, changing scenes, changing everything, great exciting journey, hop on for a great mythical ride.
This is a really good second book in this series! So nice that it continues with some of the characters from a previous series. The only reason I’m giving this book 4 stars instead of 5 is because it’s to short.
Poor aspen! How many times is she going to brush close with death! As this book was 75% over I was trying to figure out how & why there was a book 3….. and then that cliffhanger!Love this story and these characters!
Ok so far I’m invested in what happens with the characters and story but I’m disappointed with the main character Aspen. If she’s such a firece vampire killer and has the most kills why was she so easily overpowered 2x with the ones who captured her. I understand she was outnumbered but she just didn’t fight hard enough in my opinion. It seems like it was easier for her to let them drone on with their speeches when she’s been training since a child. Still feel like there’s more she could’ve/should’ve done in those instances. Maybe the end result would’ve been the same maybe not but their should’ve been more fuel and I didn’t feel that from her. Even the cliffhanger she was ready to give up. Just doesn’t sit well if she’s supposed to be an amazing warrior.
The story continues and bring more characters that make the story so much better. I love the character building throughout this book. The ending though…
I need more! Can’t wait to see what’s next! This book was so intense and I absolutely love Luka and Aspen!


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