The Dark Soul By Leia Stone

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The Dark Soul (Vampire Hunter Society Book 3) By Leia Stone


Book/Novel Author: Leia Stone

Book/Novel Title: The Dark Soul



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After coming to grips with what I have become, I now have to step up and be what everyone needs me to be. A wife. A savior. A Queen. It will take all of my newfound powers in order to take Maz and the dark fey down, but I will stop at nothing to get my revenge.I’ll risk it all just to watch the entire Society burn…
I loved this trilogy. It flows well and has a really good set of characters. It’s intriguing and the byline was fun too read. There’s action and romance. It had a little bit of everything.
I really enjoyed the Vampire Hunter Society Series. There’s love, action, morality…set in a supernatural world. What’s not to like?
Waited for this book and finally it came Loved the sorry and especially the ending. I lost sleep over this book❤️❤️❤️
Finishing this series in less than 2 days was easy, as I couldn’t put it down! I’ll start by saying I love ALL of Stone’s work. I have read most of her books and love them all (so I may be a little fan girly with my review). That being said, I loved this series she always opens up with such a beautiful world that snags you in. I STRONGLY suggest reading the Wolf Girl series (Since this is a spin off) but it’s not necessary to get this amazing story. However, it is a kick a$$, amazing adventure that anyone would love. Like most of her books, I loved it from beginning to end. It was fast paced enough to keep my attention and also snagged me in with the rich imaginative story that unfolds. The only gripe I have is with the swoon worthy male leads. They’re HOooott, sweet, and perfect, but almost too perfect. I love a good love story and that’s what this is, but I’d like to see more male growth. Maybe that’s only because she does such a great job with character development in her lead roles that I am left craving even more? I loved watching Aspen grow, learn, and become the person she was meant to. If you like amazing adventures, wholesome friendships, beautiful worlds, and epic love, this series (no this author) is for you.
Loved this series! It threw me a little how she had characters from the wolf girl series in it. Not sure if it was advertised this was happening at all but I hadn’t read past the first wolf girl book (that series wasn’t my favorite, might have to try it again now) so it took me a minute to get caught up! Otherwise I loved it!


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