The Darkest Web By Kristin Wright

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The Darkest Web (Allison Barton Book 2) By Kristin Wright


Book/Novel Author: Kristin Wright

Book/Novel Title: The Darkest Web



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What is more dangerous? The lies she tells or the truth she’s hiding?Jane Knudsen is an exceptionally private and intimidatingly beautiful workaholic attorney. Unflappable and cool, she’s the last person likely to suddenly snap and murder one of her firm’s senior partners. Yet she’s become the most likely suspect in the crime. She’s retained Allison Barton, her former law school roommate, to represent her. It’s Allison’s job to believe Jane, even if Allison never really knew her. No one did. Jane always made sure of that.For Allison, getting close to her client now grows more complicated with each new development in the case. There may be other suspects in the victim’s orbit—his harried assistant, his wrathful wife, his overly attached daughter—but everything points to Jane’s guilt. She had opportunity, access, the weapon, and a motive—and she’s hiding something else. And Jane would rather go to prison for life than reveal the secrets that could save her.But what secrets are worse than murder? And what will Allison risk to discover them?
Quick read that kept the reader engaged with all the twists and turns. Looking forward to reading more from this author.
Touching on issues of #metoo, obsession and the horror people may have experienced no matter how beautiful they may be, The Darkest Web is a fantastic second book in the Allison Barton series. It is drawn from the headlines and could easily be true crime. Kristin Wright is a master of the legal thriller. Eagerly waiting for book 3.
This book was so good! I want to see more from this author in the future!! I couldn’t put this book down. What a page turner!!!
When Jane is the number 1 suspect in the murder of her boss, she calls on her old law school roommate, Allison Barton, to defend her. However, Jane has secrets that she doesn’t want to divulge and that could complicate things.Lots of twists in this gripping story. Great ending!
There really was no suspense about the killer. The book made me comprehend the victims of abuse/pornography. It would have been nice for Jane to end up in a relationship.
If you like stories that lawyers get ,then you will enjoy this one. The characters are very real. Too bad there is truly too much of this degradation in the real world.


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