The Death Dealer’s Manual By Franklin Horton

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The Death Dealer’s Manual: Book Seven in The Mad Mick Series By Franklin Horton


Book/Novel Author: Franklin Horton

Book/Novel Title: The Death Dealer’s Manual



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Across America, citizens of this once proud nation sit in the dark, slowly starving to death. Most are dirty and sick. They’ve been abandoned by politicians and bureaucrats who continued to grow fatter and richer during the collapse. Foreign governments court the nation’s leaders, putting them up on cruise ships and in foreign hotels, while the average American lives in squalor, ignored and abandoned.A reluctant savior rises from an unlikely direction. He doesn’t need the politicians nor the American government. They represent everything he despises. He’s a doer. A self-made man who builds empires and creates jobs. When he says he’s going to do something, he does everything in his power to make it happen.In short, he’s exactly the opposite of those leading the country.As this unlikely leader decides it’s time to put his plan in place, Conor and Ricardo are in the Washington D.C. area on a mission to retrieve a cache of supplies. Through a chance meeting, the two get sucked into a whirlwind of conspiracy, murder, and a totally unorthodox plan for rebuilding the nation.
The entire series is very well done, killer for hire, apocalypse, great characters and good story lines. I highly recommend this series!!
Well… Liked the book… so many twists and turns. At times a little all over the place, but always came back to the core of what it is. I think it was a mistake not to include Barb. The Mad Mick is a better read when he’s around home and his community. Let’s hope Lightspeed story concludes… Getting far fetched with his ideas…
Well written as always, keeping you moving through the pages. Bogs down a bit in a few places, but by the end you won’t want to put it down. Mick finds himself moving in new directions this time, with less of his family involved but just as much intrigue.
Couldn’t put it down! Not sure how he did it, but Horton made this one much more intense than all the others in the series!
I love The Mad Mick series, he is an awesome character, and the whole series is a must read, Loved the direction of this new start but sad at some goodbyes.
How do you make a series fresh and exciting?! Turn it on it’s ear! Great book number 7 and I can’t wait for more. Totally fun read that keeps me loving Mad Mick!


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4.9/5309 ratings