The Deep By Peter Benchley

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The Deep By Peter Benchley


Book/Novel Author: Peter Benchley

Book/Novel Title: The Deep



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A dive into the sea marks the beginning of an adventure that changes the lives of a couple vacationing in Bermuda

We received the book on time as promised however it did not have the cover jacket which was a little disappointing especially that the art of this book was so retro I was looking forward to it
Ugh, the characters here are so unlikable that I didn’t care what happened to them. The guy gets aroused when his wife is made to strip for the bad guys to search her? No, just no.

The Deep was published in 1976. It is out of print and not available as an ebook, so I had to read a hardback with a magnifying glass. My issues were mainly due to the writing style. Benchley utilized a narrator, often changing POVs by using the narrator as a transition between character heads. I didn’t care for the head hopping, and most especially not for the narrator telling me what had happened or was about to happen.The story is solid and unique. I’ve seen the movie several times, and it’s a good one. I actually prefer the movie over the book. Rare when that happens. I believe Benchley worked on the screenplay.The underwater settings and details were unique and interesting and Benchley did them well. Although having no underwater knowledge, it could have all been wrong and I wouldn’t have been aware. I also wasn’t terribly attached to any of the characters. Probably due to Benchley revealing more what they thought and did than what they felt. Such a great plot and story deserves 4 stars, regardless of other things that didn’t work so well for me.
I just finished JAWS and wanted to go another round with Benchley. I must admit that the characters are less engaging than those on Amity Island. All the characters lacked real depth and true development. I didn’t care for them too much and I began to tire of the story about 3/4 of the way through.Treece, like Quint in JAWS, is a wild card that keeps the story engaging. I didn’t care much for David who yearn for adventure, yet is hesitant when it comes knocking at his door and I cared even less for Gail (but I won’t give reasons as to not reveal plot spoilers).There were some suspenseful and engaging parts, but overall, there seemed to be too much prose to get too little accomplished. Also, the dialogue, at times, seemed unauthentic to the situation at hand and the character’s motivation. The shark, eel and barracuda scenes seems to lack fright for the reader.Benchley seems to like to get to the climax and then skimp on the resolution. Turning point and then Bam, end of story.Like JAWS, much is left to the readers inferencing, which is fine, but by today’s standards, it makes the story seemed rushed.On a positive note, Benchley gives us real detailed descriptions of nautical fare, he obviously is a man familiar with the sea. And he does not skimp on the details revolving around sunken ampules and treasure.3 stars, which is in my book is a “C” or a 75-79 grade.


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