The Depth of Synchronicity By Benjamin Cohn

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The Depth of Synchronicity By Benjamin Cohn


Book/Novel Author: Benjamin Cohn

Book/Novel Title: The Depth of Synchronicity



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One of the founding fathers of modern psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, first coined the term synchronicity to describe “meaningful coincidences”. His east meets west acknowledgement of synchronicity in 1930 was a profound revelation for the western psyche. Jung’s concept of synchronicity created a foundational terminology for the modern experience of meaningful coincidences and associated mysterious phenomena.Benjamin Cohn, author of The Depth Of Synchronicity, builds on C.G. Jung’s foundational concept, adding scientific explanations to his personal subjective experience, in an engaging discussion regarding the greater consciousness that generates synchronicity. Cohn weaves in his wild personal tale in which he follows synchronicity like a path, conveying the existence of a subtle force connected to the body and mind. In his own words, “…the depth of synchronicity developed into an idea that synchronicity is a communication from a greater depth of intelligence or consciousness beyond the human-ego mind.” “If you are looking for a step by step guide to spiritual enlightenment, The Depth of Synchronicity is not it.  If however you are looking for a well constructed, eclectically researched, thought provoking, and engaging true tale of spiritual alchemy from the heart, you have found your book.  This little literary gem is packed with unexpected twists and connections as well as insights on health, our educational system, addiction, communication and culture processed through Benjamin’s sharply introspective intellect.The synthesis of the works of a wide range of great thinkers provides a reassuring foundation for Benjamin’s theory of the Depth of Synchronicity and a framework to weave his experiences into a coherent life confirming construct; which is truly amazing and left me pondering many aspects of my own life.  This a a sign of literature at it’s best.  We are all here just searching for clues at the scene of a crime and I am certain that this book will inspire and encourage you to become the detective exposing your own ultimately divine life story and allowing you to be mindfully active in it’s daily unfolding.” -Dickran Boranian M.D. “It’s not always easy for a personal journey to have wider relevance to readers, but in this case there are many lessons we can all learn from Ben’s thoughtful experiences of interconnectedness. This well-written book offers insight and guidance on the things that matter in life. It is a welcome offering to the trove of spirit-oriented narratives about oneness and being in the moment.” -Michael Kramer, author of The Resilient Investor





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