The Detective Duke By Scarlett Scott

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The Detective Duke (Unexpected Lords Book 1) By Scarlett Scott


Book/Novel Author: Scarlett Scott

Book/Novel Title: The Detective Duke



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From USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott comes a wonderfully wicked new series…He was never meant to be a duke. She was always destined to be a duchess.Grit, determination, and a will of steel have propelled Hudson Stone through life. No case he faced as Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard went unsolved. But nothing could have prepared the implacable investigator for inheriting a dukedom. Even more maddening than his ducal obligations is Lady Elysande Collingwood, the previous Duke of Wycombe’s betrothed. Worst of all, the debts Hudson has been bequeathed along with the title mean he needs to marry an heiress to save his estates from ruin, and the cheerful, dazzling Lady Elysande is the only one he knows.Elysande was aware the last Duke of Wycombe was marrying her for her immense dowry, and she has no doubt his grim successor wishes to wed her for the same reason. But she has motives of her own for accepting the new duke’s offer. Never mind that he is harsh and unsmiling, with a reputation for ruthlessness. Their marriage of convenience suits her perfectly fine.However, there is absolutely nothing convenient about the feelings she begins to develop for the forbidding man she married. When the shadows of Hudson’s past emerge, bringing them closer together, desire sparks. But with a dangerous villain on his heels, Hudson can’t afford to get too close to anyone. Too bad his icy heart has other ideas…Heat level: Scorching! Don’t say you weren’t warned.
I love everything Scarlett Scott writes! However lately I was finding her newer stories not as enthrolling as her older works. But this was wonderful! Great story line and characters you cared about and it started to feel like the scott stories I love so much! A d the spice in this book is off the charts! Can’t wait for the next one!
I enjoyed this story about an unusual pair who are clearly meant for each other — a Duke who formerly was a police detective and the woman he feels honor bound to marry who is an inventor like her father. It’s a marriage of convenience that becomes a love match. Enjoy!
Way to much sex, good story line, if she toned down the sex and added more to the story line it would of been great
Good story. A bit too detailed on the sex scenes. Mot much left to the imagination will try the series again
This was so good! I’ve had a string of historical romances on KU that just weren’t it, but Scarlett Scott has a new fan! The Detective Duke has one of my most loved tropes: marriage of convenience. Hudson needs a wife with a substantial dowry after he inherits a dukedom riddled with debt. As the oldest daughter, Elysande needs to marry so her younger sister can marry. I really loved that these two started to care about each other really early on. Too often, there’s pages and pages between the marriage and the characters in HisRos even admitting they tolerate each other, so this was a pleasant change. Hudson was such a good break from the super alphahole H I’m used to in HisRos. Not to say I don’t love alphaholes, but it’s nice to get a hero that’s more gentleman than rake on occasion. I did think it was funny that he fled to London because his feelings scared the shit out of him. Elysande was a great blend of independent and sweet. I liked that she loved to work with engineering and electricity. She didn’t want to marry but she threw herself into making the marriage work. There were a few things keeping this from being a five star read. I felt that the villain was a little too obvious and the murder plot was wrapped up a little too conveniently. And Elysande’s inventing storyline was kind of abandoned in the middle and picked back up in the epilogue. I understood why. Her husband was being accused of murder. But I would have liked to see just a little bit more about it. Overall, this was really enjoyable and I’ll be diving into Scott’s Wicked Winters series next!
The heroine of this story is smart and knows what she wants. The hero is all that you have ever wanted in man.


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