The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea By Elizabeth O’Roark

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The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea By Elizabeth O’Roark


Book/Novel Author: Elizabeth O’Roark

Book/Novel Title: The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea



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You don’t really know a guy until you’ve vacationed with him…When Drew Wilson’s ex-boyfriend Joel “Six” Bailey asks her to go on his family trip to Hawaii with him just as her life is falling apart, she decides it’s the perfect time to give him another chance.The hitch? The Bailey family includes Six’s rude older brother, Joshua—a hot-nerd doctor who has hated Drew since the moment they met and once suggested she’d steal the family silver.Drew is determined to win the Baileys over and give this thing with Six a fair shot…but Joshua is making that difficult. Not simply because he is in her way at every turn, but because—as one tropical adventure leads to the next—she’s beginning to wonder if obnoxious, odious Joshua might be the brother she actually belongs with.
I loved every bit of it! Elizabeth paints a perfect picture of what’s going on!! A perfect book to curl up to and read in one sitting!
Drew and Josh are thrust together on a very awkward family (his) vacation. Seems his mom is playing matchmaker. She wants her boys happy and settled. Josh is the older brother of Drew’s EX-boyfriend, Six. A fact his parents have not been clued into, and Josh’s former flame was also invited along. Five star hotels, luxurious accommodations and stunning views are just not enough to quell the tensions and allow for a peaceful trip. Misconceptions, miscommunication and outright lies told by everyone just make matters worse. Somewhere along the way Drew & Josh forget to be hostile towards one another and actually become friends. It’s too bad they can’t let go and act on their growing feelings. Drew is also dealing with many unresolved emotions from her childhood and loss of her dad. She’s spent a lifetime feeling she is unworthy, not good enough or lovable. Seeing her break free and take back her independence was wonderful. I didn’t like the way Josh kept encouraging her to stand up for herself and then he too made her feel inferior and ashamed, a dirty secret. He needed to do more to earn her forgiveness. 4.5 stars The bonus novella was too short and very sweet. Looking forward to Ben’s story next!
The plot, character development, everything was just so captivating. From start to finish.. it was hard to put down this book.
Superstar Drew is meeting her on again off again boyfriend in Hawaii. But surprise! Only his family is there, but not him. Drew isn’t sure she wants to stay on this trip, especially since Six’s older brother Josh is there and he and Drew clearly don’t get along. Or do they? Great book! Loved!!
My 2nd book by Elizabeth. I look forward to reading another. I have to say Waking Olivia has been my favorite.
I enjoyed reading this book. There was an interesting story line at every point. Whether you’re looking for an easy read or something to keep your heart excited for the next chapter, this book absolutely delivers those and more. O’Roark does a great job navigating the next phase for relationship timeline and an excellent job creating main characters that are likable and relatable. I highly recommend with complete stars!


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4.9/5309 ratings