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The Diamond Eye: A Novel By Kate Quinn


Book/Novel Author: Kate Quinn

Book/Novel Title: The Diamond Eye



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The New York Times bestselling author of The Rose Code returns with an unforgettable World War II tale of a quiet bookworm who becomes history’s deadliest female sniper. Based on a true story.In 1937 in the snowbound city of Kiev (now known as Kyiv), wry and bookish history student Mila Pavlichenko organizes her life around her library job and her young son—but Hitler’s invasion of Ukraine and Russia sends her on a different path. Given a rifle and sent to join the fight, Mila must forge herself from studious girl to deadly sniper—a lethal hunter of Nazis known as Lady Death. When news of her three hundredth kill makes her a national heroine, Mila finds herself torn from the bloody battlefields of the eastern front and sent to America on a goodwill tour.Still reeling from war wounds and devastated by loss, Mila finds herself isolated and lonely in the glittering world of Washington, DC—until an unexpected friendship with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and an even more unexpected connection with a silent fellow sniper offer the possibility of happiness. But when an old enemy from Mila’s past joins forces with a deadly new foe lurking in the shadows, Lady Death finds herself battling her own demons and enemy bullets in the deadliest duel of her life.Based on a true story, The Diamond Eye is a haunting novel of heroism born of desperation, of a mother who became a soldier, of a woman who found her place in the world and changed the course of history forever.
Like all of Kate Quinn’s historical fiction, I couldn’t put this book down. Her writing is so vivid you feel as if you’re right there, living the story along with the characters. Highly recommend to anyone who loves historical fiction or just a good, well-written book!
I enjoyed this book very much with the exception of the part about FDR,s ring.That was just wrong. very good time otherwise.

I had not read anything about this book in advance, but I am a fan of Kate Quinn’s writing so I just dove right in. I am such a WWII history buff and historical fiction is my favorite genre, so I was surprised I didn’t know this was based on the real life sniper Mila Palvichenko. Quinn did an outstanding job with real characters and true events, then blending with a few of her own. Of course Ukraine and Russia are fresh on our minds, so I just kept in mind this was a different time. What a tribute to a remarkable woman. Please read the Author’s Notes and view the Historic Photos at the end. Mila was just as I had pictured her during the story.
Kate Quinn has been writing about women who have been heroic during WWII in several wonderful books (The Alice Network, The Huntress and The Rose Code) and her latest entry is The Diamond Eye.Mila is a librarian working on her thesis for her advanced degree in Kiev, Ukraine (part of Russia then) during WWII. She is separated from her surgeon husband, and raising her young son with the help of her family. She joins the Russian army to help defeat the Nazis who are marching towards Russia, causing utter devastation in their wake.Along the way, Mila shows great skill as a sniper, becoming the most successful female sniper in the Russian army with over 300 kills to her credit (she actually had many more). The Diamond Eye takes us through Mila’s service and her visit to the United States on a publicity tour where she meets and becomes friendly with First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.Kate Quinn excels at taking the true story of Mila Palivchenko and fictionalizing her life, giving the reader insight into what it is like to be a woman in a traditionally male army. The reader feels the tension as Mila remains silent and motionless looking for her opportunity to complete her missions. The Diamond Eye continues Quinn’s masterful storytelling of women’s contributions during war.
I couldn’t put this book down, I just had to keep reading! One of the best books ever! The Diamond Eye is he story of Mila, a female Russian sniper (Ukrainian, actually, but at the time it was part of Russia) in the Russian army, fighting against the Nazi’s during WW II. Married to a jerk who won’t let her have a divorce, part of a sexist, misogynist military, a single mom, an amazingly talented sniper, Mila is in fact a real person which makes this book even more interesting. This is a book that shouldn’t be missed, a real tour de force!


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