The Digital Eye By Tobias Wilson

The Digital Eye By Tobias Wilson

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Book/Novel Author: Tobias Wilson

Book/Novel Title: The Digital Eye

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Darby was a dedicated family man until he accepted a job offer which turned out too good to be true and more terrible than he could have imagined. Kept away from his family for the longest eighteen months of his life, Darby is still a prisoner, stuck on a ship involved in the human trafficking business where he is routinely forced to do terrible things that will haunt him for the rest of his life. That is until a stranger boards, a stranger named Alek Ivanov who is far more than he appears and is being hunted by those who would also do him and his family deep harm if he is caught. Now Darby must team up with this stranger to fight for their freedom as well as the lives of their loved ones against those who have control over the digital eye that watches over our world, unblinking, twenty-four hours every day and holds digital or real-world footprints of anyone who would dare fight back. But the tools that can be used to blackmail people, threaten their families and destroy lives are just that, tools. If Darby and Alek can work together and get off the death ship they are trapped on, then find out who they are truly fighting against, they might be able use those tools to their own ends. But against some of the most ruthless criminals on the planet its kill or be killed, and the race is on between these two and the powers they are fighting against to see who survives. Will it be Darby and Alek, forced into impossible situations to forge an alliance to the death or the powerful criminals they have to bring down to save themselves and more importantly, their families? A fast-paced thriller, with adrenaline-fueled action, Traced: The Digital Eye is a modern-day revenge story that gives an insight into just how easy it is to find a person in the digital age and use that knowledge gathered to compel them to do almost anything, even kill.

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