The Diva and His Daddy By Rebecca James

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The Diva and His Daddy By Rebecca James


Book/Novel Author: Rebecca James

Book/Novel Title: The Diva and His Daddy

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Forty-year-old Jeovanni Mendoza is far from the Daddy Nick’s been looking for. The ex-porn star has slept with dozens of people, both on and off screen, and has yet to have a serious romantic relationship. Even though they’ve butted heads in the past, Nick has wanted Jeo for a long time and can’t say no when the sexy Brazilian biker suggests they start something casual yet exclusive. Why not, if the chemistry is sky high?
The sex is amazing, but that’s not what surprises Nick. The real shocker is that he’s enjoying every moment with Jeo, both in and out of the sack. When Nick’s family problems send him into a tailspin and Jeo seems to know exactly what to do to help him, Nick begins to wonder if the man might really make a good Daddy. But as their relationship progresses, knowing they’re only together for the short term, Nick becomes more and more convinced he won’t recover once Jeo decides it’s over.

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