The Dom Identity By Lexi Blake

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The Dom Identity (Masters and Mercenaries: Reloaded Book 2) By Lexi Blake


Book/Novel Author: Lexi Blake

Book/Novel Title: The Dom Identity



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A man with everything

Michael Malone seems to have it all. A wealthy, loving family. A job that fulfills him. Friends he can count on. But something is missing. He’s spent years watching his brother and close friends get married and start families, but it hasn’t happened for him. When an assignment comes up to investigate fallen Hollywood star Vanessa Hale, he jumps at the chance. She’s gorgeous and potentially deadly. Playing the spy game with her might be just the thing to take his mind off his troubles.

A woman with nothing left to lose

Vanessa Hale had big dreams that ended in scandal. She returned home with nothing but heartache and the desire to find her sister’s killer. The trail points to someone at Lodge Corp, so taking a job with Julian Lodge’s mysterious company is her best option for finding the truth. While she hunts for a killer during the day, she hopes to find some solace at night in The Club. Meeting the gorgeous, sexy and seemingly kind Michael Malone, their chemistry sparks in a way she’s never felt before, and Vanessa thinks maybe her luck has finally changed.

A love that might save them both

When Michael’s true motives are revealed, she will have to find a way to forgive his betrayal. The killer has made Vanessa their next target. Working together and stopping this monster is the only chance for them to have the real love they both deserve.
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I really like this book and can’t wait to find our what happens next with them. I will to my friends about this author
Have loved everyone of Lexi Blake’s book she is one of my go to authors. Have to read at home cause I laugh out loud atwitty dialogueand just crazy antics of Big Tag. Well done again.
Lexi Blake’s Masters & Mercenaries is a must read series! This story will keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved how this story tackles the idea of stereotyping people and how it can lead to misinterpretation. Body shaming is a big thing that people, especially females, Lexi Blake deals with all topics with great sensitivity. I adored this book, it was so good to check in with old friends.
I read all of Lexi Blake’s novels and this was one of the best.Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Malone family…
Another fun book in the McKay Taggart world. Love the interaction between the characters. Laughter and suspense. Highly recommend. I
You can never go wrong with Lexi Blake. I was missing these characters! I loved this book and can’t wait for the next one!


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