The End of White World Supremacy By Malcolm X

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The End of White World Supremacy By Malcolm X


Book/Novel Author: Malcolm X

Book/Novel Title: The End of White World Supremacy



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The classic collection of major speeches, now bundled with an audio download of Malcolm X delivering two of them.
Malcolm X remains a touchstone figure for black America and in American culture at large. He gave African Americans not only their consciousness but their history, dignity, and a new pride. No single individual can claim more important responsibility for a social and historical leap forward such as the one sparked in America in the sixties. When, in 1965, Malcolm X was gunned down on the stage of a Harlem theater, America lost one of its most dynamic political thinkers. Yet, as Michael Eric Dyson has observed, “he remains relevant because he spoke presciently to the issues that matter today: black identity, the politics of black rage, the expression of black dissent, the politics of black power, and the importance of consolidating varieties of expressions within black communities—different ideologies and politics—and bringing them together under…





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